Uncovering the Best ESO Cow Locations for Farming and Crafting

The Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) is a popular MMORPG that offers players a vast open world to explore and conquer. One essential aspect of the game is farming and crafting, where players gather resources to create powerful weapons, armor, and other items. Among these resources, cows play a vital role due to their valuable drops. In this article, we will uncover the best ESO cow locations for farming and crafting.

The Importance of Cows in ESO

Cows are an integral part of ESO’s crafting system. They provide players with hides, which can be used to create leather-based items such as armor pieces, bags, and even furniture. Additionally, cows drop raw meat that can be cooked into various food recipes that grant useful buffs to players.

Glenumbra – Daggerfall Covenant’s Cow Hub

Glenumbra is one of the major regions in ESO’s Daggerfall Covenant alliance. It is known for its lush fields and abundant wildlife, including cows. In Glenumbra’s western part lies the city of Daggerfall, which serves as an excellent starting point for cow hunting.

Just south of Daggerfall lies Pariah Abbey—an ideal location for finding cows. The grassy plains surrounding this abbey are home to many cattle herds roaming freely. Players can easily spot them by their distinctive appearance and size. While roaming around Pariah Abbey’s outskirts or within its premises, you’ll come across numerous cows waiting to be harvested for their valuable resources.

Greenshade – A Bosmer’s Paradise

Greenshade is a beautiful region located in the Aldmeri Dominion alliance territory. This dense forested area is home to various flora and fauna alike. For those seeking cow locations in Greenshade, Hectahame—a ruined fortress deep within the region—is your best bet.

Hectahame is a Bosmer ancestral burial site, now overrun by Daedra and other creatures. Among the dangers that lurk within, players can find cows scattered in different areas of the fortress. These cows provide a unique opportunity for players to gather valuable resources while exploring the enchanting landscapes of Greenshade.

Eastmarch – Skyrim’s Bountiful Pastures

Situated in the Ebonheart Pact alliance territory, Eastmarch offers a frozen landscape reminiscent of the province of Skyrim. Despite its harsh environment, this region presents excellent opportunities for cow farming.

In Eastmarch’s southeastern area lies Fort Amol—a partially ruined fort that has become home to various wildlife, including cows. The pastures surrounding the fort are teeming with cattle herds waiting to be harvested. Players can take advantage of this location to gather hides and raw meat efficiently while enjoying the scenic views Eastmarch has to offer.


Cows play a crucial role in ESO’s crafting system, providing players with valuable resources for creating leather-based items and cooking food recipes. Glenumbra’s Pariah Abbey in Daggerfall Covenant territory, Greenshade’s Hectahame within Aldmeri Dominion territory, and Eastmarch’s Fort Amol in Ebonheart Pact territory are some of the best locations to find cows for farming and crafting.

When venturing into these cow-rich areas, remember to bring appropriate gathering tools and be prepared for potential encounters with enemies or other players seeking the same resources. With careful planning and exploration, you’ll be able to uncover an abundance of cows and reap the rewards they offer in your journey through ESO’s vast world.

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