Unearthing the Mysteries: Haunting Tales from Bellview Cemetery, Ontario CA

Located in Ontario, California, Bellview Cemetery is not just a final resting place for the departed but also a site rich in history and intriguing tales. As one of the oldest cemeteries in the region, it has become a popular destination for locals and visitors alike due to its fascinating stories and eerie atmosphere. In this article, we will delve into the mysteries surrounding Bellview Cemetery, from ghostly sightings to legends that have been passed down through generations.

A Historical Landmark

Bellview Cemetery holds a significant place in Ontario’s history. Established in 1884, it has witnessed numerous changes and developments over the years. Initially known as Ontario Cemetery, it was renamed Bellview Cemetery after Thomas E. Bell who served as both an undertaker and cemetery superintendent during the late 19th century.

Many notable figures from Ontario’s past rest within these hallowed grounds. From politicians to war veterans, their tombstones tell tales of their contributions to the community. The cemetery also serves as a reminder of various historical events that shaped Ontario’s growth.

Ghostly Encounters

With its long history and tranquil ambiance, it is no wonder that Bellview Cemetery has gained a reputation for being haunted. Over the years, there have been numerous accounts of ghostly encounters by both visitors and caretakers.

One common sighting is that of a mysterious woman dressed in white who roams the cemetery grounds at night. Witnesses claim she often appears near certain gravesites before vanishing into thin air. Some speculate that she may be searching for something or someone from her past.

Another well-known ghostly tale revolves around a young girl named Emily who tragically lost her life during an epidemic that struck Ontario in the early 1900s. Visitors have reported seeing her apparition playing among the tombstones or leaving small toys beside her grave. It is believed that Emily’s spirit still lingers, finding solace in the company of those who visit her resting place.

Legends and Lore

Alongside the ghostly encounters, Bellview Cemetery is also steeped in legends and folklore. One such story involves a hidden treasure buried within the grounds. According to local lore, a wealthy landowner during the gold rush era buried his fortune somewhere in the cemetery before meeting an untimely demise. Despite countless attempts to locate the treasure, it remains undiscovered to this day, adding an air of mystery and excitement to Bellview Cemetery.

Another intriguing legend revolves around a forgotten mausoleum said to house the remains of an infamous outlaw. According to the tale, this mausoleum holds clues to a hidden stash of stolen loot that has never been recovered. As visitors explore the cemetery, they can’t help but wonder if they are walking past hidden passages and secret compartments that may lead to unimaginable riches.

A Place for Reflection

Despite its haunting tales and legends, Bellview Cemetery remains a peaceful place for reflection and remembrance. The serene beauty of its landscape invites visitors to pay their respects to loved ones and contemplate life’s mysteries.

Visitors often find solace in taking peaceful strolls along its winding paths or sitting under the shade of ancient trees while listening to birdsong. For some, it serves as a reminder of mortality and encourages them to live life fully.


Bellview Cemetery stands as both a historical landmark and a repository of captivating stories from Ontario’s past. Whether you visit for its ghostly encounters or seek tranquility among its tombstones, this cemetery offers an experience like no other. As you explore its grounds, remember that beneath every gravestone lies someone with their own unique history waiting to be discovered or remembered.

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