Upgrading Armor Sets in Breath of the Wild: The Must-Have Materials

Breath of the Wild, the critically acclaimed action-adventure game by Nintendo, offers players a vast open world to explore. One of the key elements in this immersive experience is upgrading armor sets to enhance your character’s abilities and survival chances. In this article, we will discuss the must-have materials needed for upgrading armor sets in Breath of the Wild.

Monster Parts: A Hunter’s Best Friend

When it comes to upgrading armor sets in Breath of the Wild, monster parts are an essential ingredient. These materials can be obtained by defeating various creatures scattered throughout Hyrule. Each monster has its own unique set of drops, making it crucial to hunt down specific types for specific upgrades.

For example, Bokoblins often drop horns and fangs that are used for lower-tier upgrades, while Lynels provide more valuable items like hooves and guts for higher-tier armor enhancements. It is important to note that some rarer materials like Lynel horns may require defeating tougher enemies or completing challenging quests.

Ancient Technology: Harnessing Ancient Power

Ancient technology plays a significant role in upgrading armor sets in Breath of the Wild. Ancient materials can be found by exploring ancient shrines or defeating Guardian enemies scattered throughout the game world.

Ancient cores and giant ancient cores are highly sought-after materials needed for advanced armor upgrades. These materials can be found inside Guardians or as rewards for completing certain shrine puzzles. Additionally, ancient gears obtained from Guardians can also be used for various mid-tier upgrades.

Dragon Parts: Harnessing Elemental Energy

Dragons are majestic creatures that roam the skies of Hyrule in Breath of the Wild. Not only do they add beauty and wonder to the game world, but they also provide valuable resources needed for upgrading armor sets.

Each dragon – Farosh, Dinraal, and Naydra – has its own unique set of drops, including scales, horns, and claws. These materials can be used for enhancing armor sets with elemental properties such as fire resistance, cold resistance, or electricity resistance. Finding and interacting with these dragons at specific locations and times is crucial for obtaining their valuable parts.

Gemstones: The Sparkling Touch

Gemstones are another essential component in the armor upgrading process in Breath of the Wild. These valuable stones can be obtained by mining ore deposits found throughout the game world or obtained as rewards from completing side quests.

Gemstones such as topaz, ruby, and sapphire are used for enhancing various armor sets with special attributes like increased defense or elemental resistances. The quality of gemstones also affects the potency of these enhancements. For example, using a flawless diamond will yield more significant upgrades compared to a regular diamond.

In conclusion, upgrading armor sets in Breath of the Wild is a vital part of enhancing your character’s capabilities and survivability in the game world. Whether it’s collecting monster parts from defeated enemies, harnessing ancient technology, acquiring dragon parts from majestic creatures, or gathering gemstones through mining and quests – each material has its own unique role to play in crafting powerful armor upgrades. So gear up, explore Hyrule, and gather these must-have materials to strengthen your character’s arsenal.

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