How to Use RCI Official Site to Plan Your Dream Vacation

Are you looking for the perfect way to plan your dream vacation? Look no further than the RCI Official Site. RCI, or Resort Condominiums International, is a global leader in vacation exchange, offering members the ability to exchange their timeshare weeks for stays at other affiliated resorts around the world. In this article, we will explore how to use the RCI Official Site to plan your dream vacation.

Understanding RCI Membership

Before diving into planning your dream vacation with RCI, it’s important to understand what membership entails. Members can exchange their timeshare week for a stay at another resort within the network, providing access to over 4,300 resorts in more than 110 countries worldwide. Additionally, members have access to exclusive travel discounts and perks through the site’s travel partners.

Navigating the RCI Official Site

Once you have become an RCI member, navigating their official site is straightforward and user-friendly. The homepage offers easy access to booking options and travel deals through a simple search bar. Users can search by destination, resort name or number of bedrooms needed.

Additionally, members can filter their search by amenities such as beachfront locations or kid-friendly activities. The site also offers virtual tours of select resorts allowing potential travelers a glimpse into what they can expect from their stay.


Booking Your Dream Vacation

After finding the perfect resort on the RCI Official Site, booking your stay is just a few clicks away. Members have several booking options that cater to different needs and preferences.

For those who prefer spontaneity and flexibility in travel plans, there is an option called Last Call Vacations which allows members access to exclusive deals on stays within six months of check-in dates. Alternatively, if you prefer planning ahead and locking in specific travel dates there is an option called Extra Vacations where members can book a stay at a discounted rate.


Making the Most of Your RCI Membership

In addition to booking stays, the RCI Official Site offers additional resources and information for making the most of your membership. This includes access to travel tips, reviews from fellow travelers, and information on how to maximize your vacation exchange benefits.

Additionally, the site offers an easy way to manage your account, including tracking your exchange history and managing your personal preferences. Members can also take advantage of RCI’s referral program by referring friends or family and earning rewards such as free stays or discounts on future bookings.


In conclusion, utilizing the RCI Official Site is a great way to plan your dream vacation with ease. With access to over 4,300 resorts worldwide and exclusive travel deals, there’s no better time to become an RCI member and start exploring all that this amazing network has to offer.

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