Vasa Fitness Membership Options: Choosing the Right Fit for You

If you’re looking to join a gym, Vasa Fitness is a popular choice for fitness enthusiasts of all levels. With multiple locations and a wide range of amenities, Vasa Fitness offers various membership options to suit different needs and preferences. In this article, we will explore the different membership options available at Vasa Fitness and help you choose the right fit for your fitness journey.

Basic Membership: Access to Essential Amenities

The Basic Membership at Vasa Fitness is perfect for those who are just starting their fitness journey or prefer simplicity in their workouts. With this membership, you gain access to all essential amenities that Vasa Fitness has to offer. This includes state-of-the-art cardio and strength training equipment, locker rooms with showers, and group fitness classes.

The Basic Membership also allows you to track your progress using Vasa’s mobile app, which provides workout tracking features and access to personalized training programs. Additionally, as a Basic Member, you can enjoy member discounts on various services like personal training sessions or smoothies from the in-house cafe.

VIP Membership: Enhanced Benefits for Dedicated Members

For those seeking an elevated gym experience, the VIP Membership at Vasa Fitness offers enhanced benefits beyond what the Basic Membership provides. Alongside access to all essential amenities, VIP Members enjoy additional perks such as unlimited guest privileges, tanning beds or booths, hydro massage chairs or beds, and sauna facilities.

Furthermore, VIP Members receive priority class reservations and early access to new equipment or classes before they become available to other members. This membership option is ideal for individuals who want extra comfort and convenience during their workouts.

Premium Membership: Exclusive Features for Ultimate Fitness Enthusiasts

If you consider yourself an ultimate fitness enthusiast who wants it all, then the Premium Membership at Vasa Fitness is tailored just for you. In addition to everything offered in the Basic and VIP Memberships, Premium Members enjoy exclusive features like unlimited access to the Vasa Spa, which may include services such as massages, facials, and body treatments.

Premium Members also receive complimentary access to specialized training programs led by certified fitness professionals. These programs may cover a wide range of fitness goals, from weight loss to muscle building or even sports-specific training. With the Premium Membership, you can take your fitness journey to the next level with personalized attention and high-end amenities.

Family Membership: Fitness for the Whole Household

Vasa Fitness understands the importance of family wellness and offers a Family Membership option for households with multiple members. This membership allows you to add family members at a discounted rate, making it an affordable choice for parents who want to instill healthy habits in their children or couples who prefer working out together.

With a Family Membership, all family members have access to the same amenities and benefits as included in their selected membership type. Whether you’re looking for a place where your children can participate in youth fitness programs or want to motivate each other towards better health, Vasa Fitness’s Family Membership is designed to cater to your family’s unique needs.


When choosing a gym membership, it’s important to consider your personal preferences and fitness goals. Vasa Fitness offers various membership options that cater to different needs and budgets. Whether you’re seeking simplicity or ultimate luxury during your workouts or looking for options that accommodate your entire household, Vasa Fitness has something for everyone. Take the time to explore their membership options and select one that aligns with your lifestyle and aspirations on your fitness journey.

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