What Is an All-Inclusive Resort… And Is It Worth It?

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When planning your next exciting travel getaway, is an all-inclusive resort your ideal choice for luxury, activities, relaxation, and fun? Should you choose an all-inclusive vacation or an a la carte travel plan? Whether your venue preference is an exotic seaside destination or a majestic mountainside retreat, making this decision can be difficult. You may be wondering if an all-inclusive plan is worth the price. To help you with this decision, let’s break down what an all-inclusive resort is.

What Does All-Inclusive Mean?

If the concept of an all-inclusive resort vacation seems perplexing, think of a stylish restaurant menu. This menu typically offers a choice of prix-fixe meals and a la carte selections. If you choose a prix-fixe dinner, you can enjoy the complete meal for one fixed price. Yet, if you make individual selections from the a la carte menu, you are charged separately for each item.

When you book a vacation at an a la carte resort, you will pay a separate fee for every aspect of your stay. During your stay, fees that accrue on your bill may include the charges for your accommodations, meals, snacks, and beverages. 

Depending on the resort’s location, additional fees may include charges for snorkeling, mountain biking, hiking, or even entertainment. You may also get a bill for other activities like boating excursions, jet-skiing, or ziplining on the property.  

If, however, you book an all-inclusive resort vacation, most and often all of these fees will be included in one charge. You can enjoy the peace of mind from paying a one-time payment for your entire luxury getaway.

Where Can I Find All-Inclusive Resorts?

All-inclusive resorts are in many of the destinations you may want to visit. You can begin researching attractive and popular venues. Your local or favorite online travel agent can also offer advice and information. You can also find listings and ratings for these popular vacationing venues on leading travel websites like Booking, Expedia, and Travelocity. Many lesser-known sites also provide excellent descriptions, images, and videos of the most frequently visited or quiet and secluded all-inclusive getaway havens. 


Travel advice websites like TripAdvisor are also helpful for checking reviews and ratings for different all-inclusive resorts. Today, many travel-related sites offer the names and locations of the top-rated all-inclusive resorts. These listings usually provide helpful descriptions of each resort and comments or testimonials from past visitors. 

All-inclusive resorts are found by the beautiful beaches and seasides as well as in the majestic mountains with panoramic views.

Benefits and Disadvantages of Staying at an All-Inclusive Resort

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Experienced travelers report a variety of benefits and disadvantages associated with booking and staying at an all-inclusive resort. These responses from discerning visitors include the following:


  • Luxurious Atmosphere of Paradise. All-inclusive resorts give guests the feeling of basking in the beauty and luxury of true paradise. Whether the location is tropical or mountainous, these stylish and enticing travel destinations offer the ambiance and allure of a dreamland for leisure and total relaxation.
  • Cost-Effective Vacationing Option. Many consumers find that an all-inclusive resort vacation is less costly than staying at an a la carte resort. You may think that you will spend less on the a la carte travel option. However, it is very easy to stray from your travel budget during your stay, overspending before you realize it. 
  • Ideal Setting for Stress Relief. If you feel the need to slow down, shift into low gear and relax completely, these leisurely resorts with guaranteed prices are ideal. You can enjoy the scenery while sipping your favorite beverage, doing exactly as you wish for the length of your stay.  


  • Mediocre Meals and Beverages. Guests report that the food served at some all-inclusive resorts is not of the best quality. Meals, light snacks, and drinks from the bar may not measure up to the quality that you expect. 
  • Little Connection with Local Culture. In many instances, once you are fully indulging in the attractive, leisurely lifestyle of an all-inclusive resort, you may never leave the premises. Even if you book a local tour to a nearby visitor’s attraction, you may not have much contact with the area’s residents.
  • Less Suitable for Adventure Seekers. Suppose you and your partner, family, or travel buddies are true adventure seekers. In that case, an all-inclusive vacation spot may not be the best choice. The main focus of this type of getaway is rest, relaxation, and whatever included activities and entertainment suit your fancy. You will not be searching for lost pirate-ship treasures or rare and exotic animal life.

Do’s and Don’ts at All-Inclusive Resorts

There are some definite do’s and don’ts associated with a stay at an all-inclusive resort, including the following:



  • Tip Generously. If gratuities are not included in your vacation price, tip all service employees well, especially food servers and housekeeping staff members. This is an excellent way of showing your appreciation for this type of affordable luxury vacation.
  • Visit Local Restaurants and Shops. Even if you only do so once or twice during your stay, check out nearby local restaurants and shops. The local business owners and residents will appreciate your interest. 
  • Be Courteous and Respectful. Remember to be friendly, courteous, and respectful to everyone you meet during your revitalizing leisure getaway. You will leave your hosts and the residents with feelings of shared friendship and goodwill.  


  • Do Not Speak Rudely or Angrily. Avoid expressing anger or rudeness while speaking to resort staff or other vacationers during your stay. 
  • Never Damage Resort Property. Refrain from acts of carelessness that may damage your guest accommodations and other areas throughout the resort property during your vacation. 
  • Never Break Resort Rules. Ensure that you understand the resort rules and policies for guests and don’t disregard them during your stay.