Where to Stay on The Island of Ré


Near the west coast of France lays the sunny island of Ré (Île de Ré). This little island is filled with charming villages and the smell of the sea. There’s a perfect stay for every type of traveler here. Looking for a place with romantic moods, great value, or gorgeous beaches? Ré has got it all. 

Great Value

TripAdvisor notes that La Villa Clarisse is the best for people searching for a good value. It sits on a quiet street with big rooms dressed in white and a fusion of new and old-fashioned furniture. The hotel includes a relaxing swimming pool, a lush garden, reliable valet parking, and delicious food.

The Hotel Guru suggests La Baronnie. The staff there are very accommodating. It’s an 18th-century house with extravagant gardens and 22 rooms. Other amenities include a living room, library, spa, and a pool with a heater. How could you say no?


Le Senechal rooms can go as low as €79 ($90) per night. The rooms are well-styled and elegant. The hotel includes a small pool, a comfortable courtyard, and a short walk to nearby restaurants.

Hotel Le Galion is another affordable location. The little old-fashioned hotel has free parking, a continental breakfast, and its close to eateries and shops (where you’ll be spending more of your money instead of the hotel). 

The Most Romantic Stays

The alluring Hôtel de Toiras is near La Villa Clarisse. The views of the ocean are as glamorous as the huge rooms. It features an outdoor pool that can heat up, a beautiful courtyard garden, room service, and an excellent dining experience.

La Maison Douce sits on a narrow and quiet street. It has French-influenced spellbound rooms with private balconies and glamorous roll-top baths. The courtyard is popular during breakfast hours. 

Close to the Beach

Another great thing about the location of La Villa Clarisse is that it’s minutes away from the beach, eateries, and shops.

Les Bois Flottais is a small walk away from the beach. It’s chic, well-styled and has two swimming pools. This hotel will steal your heart with the massages available here. Now, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy your vacation. 

Treat Yourself

Want to feel like a million bucks? Other than La Baronnie and Hôtel de Toiras, Elegance Suites Hotel is the place to stay if you’re looking to spend your vacation in luxury. The rooms include a jacuzzi, Italian showers, a giant bed, a minibar, and a private terrace. Resist the urge to spend too much time in the room playing with the different lighting features.