The Benefits of Having a My Bonvoy Account

Traveling can be a stressful experience, but having a My Bonvoy account can make it easier and more enjoyable. My Bonvoy is the loyalty program of Marriott International, one of the world’s leading hospitality companies. With a My Bonvoy account, you can access exclusive benefits and rewards that make your travel experience more rewarding. Here are some of the benefits of having a My Bonvoy account.

Earn Points for Every Stay

When you stay at any Marriott International hotel, you will earn points with your My Bonvoy account. These points can be used to redeem rewards such as free nights, upgrades, and more. You’ll also get exclusive offers and discounts on your stays, so you can save money while enjoying the best accommodations. Plus, if you’re a frequent traveler, you can join the Elite status program to get even more rewards and perks.

Access to Exclusive Deals and Offers

With your My Bonvoy account, you’ll have access to exclusive deals and offers that are not available to the general public. These offers include discounts on hotel stays, car rentals, cruises, flights, and more. You’ll also get special rates on activities like spa treatments and golfing. Plus, you’ll get exclusive access to events like concerts and shows at Marriott hotels around the world.

Enjoy Member Benefits


My Bonvoy members enjoy additional benefits such as free Wi-Fi in all Marriott hotels worldwide and complimentary room upgrades when available. You’ll also get priority check-in so you don’t have to wait in line when checking into your hotel room. Plus, if you need help while traveling, you can access 24/7 customer support with your My Bonvoy account.

Having a My Bonvoy account makes traveling easier and more rewarding for frequent travelers or those who just want to save money on their next vacation or business trip. With exclusive offers and rewards available only to members, it’s easy to see why having a My Bonvoy account is beneficial for travelers everywhere.


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