The Benefits of Self-Publishing Audiobooks on

In recent years, the popularity of audiobooks has skyrocketed, and with it, the demand for self-published audiobooks. has emerged as a leading platform for authors and narrators to collaborate and bring their stories to life in audio format. In this article, we will explore the benefits of self-publishing audiobooks on

Wide Distribution Reach

One of the major advantages of publishing your audiobook on is its wide distribution reach. ACX partners with Audible, Amazon, and iTunes, which means that your audiobook will be available to millions of potential listeners across these platforms. This extensive distribution network can significantly increase your book’s visibility and reach a larger audience that you might not have been able to tap into otherwise.

Easy Collaboration with Professional Narrators provides a platform for authors to connect with professional narrators who can bring their stories to life in audio format. With a wide range of narrators available on the platform, you have the flexibility to choose someone whose voice perfectly matches your book’s tone and characters. This collaboration ensures that your audiobook is professionally recorded and enhances the overall listening experience for your audience.

Royalty Options offers flexible royalty options that allow authors to choose between exclusive or non-exclusive distribution models. Under an exclusive agreement, you earn higher royalties but must distribute your audiobook exclusively through Audible, Amazon, and iTunes. On the other hand, a non-exclusive agreement allows you to distribute your audiobook through other platforms while earning slightly lower royalties.

Additional Revenue Stream

By self-publishing your audiobook on, you create an additional revenue stream that complements your existing book sales. The growing popularity of audiobooks presents an opportunity for authors to tap into a new market and generate additional income. provides a seamless platform for authors to monetize their stories in audio format and diversify their income sources.

In conclusion, self-publishing audiobooks on offers numerous benefits for authors looking to expand their reach and tap into the growing audiobook market. The wide distribution reach, easy collaboration with professional narrators, flexible royalty options, and additional revenue stream make an attractive platform for authors seeking to bring their stories to life in audio format. So why not take advantage of’s services and unlock the potential of your book in the world of audiobooks?

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