The Best Free Online Resources for Kids to Practice Typing

In today’s digital age, typing skills have become essential for children to excel in their academic and professional endeavors. However, finding engaging and free resources for kids to practice typing can be a challenge. Luckily, the internet is a treasure trove of educational tools that cater specifically to children’s learning needs. In this article, we will explore the best free online resources available for kids to practice typing and develop their keyboarding skills.


TypingClub is a widely popular online platform that offers free typing lessons for kids of all ages. With its user-friendly interface and interactive exercises, TypingClub makes learning to type an enjoyable experience. The platform provides a structured curriculum with step-by-step lessons, starting from the basics and gradually advancing towards more complex typing techniques.

One of the key features of TypingClub is its gamification element, which keeps children motivated and engaged throughout their typing journey. From fun games to timed challenges, TypingClub ensures that kids not only learn how to type accurately but also improve their speed over time.

Dance Mat Typing

Dance Mat Typing is an interactive typing program designed by the BBC specifically for young learners. This resource utilizes animated animal characters and catchy songs to teach children the fundamentals of touch-typing in a lively and entertaining manner.

The program consists of four levels, each focusing on different rows of keys on the keyboard. Within each level, there are multiple stages that gradually introduce new keys and reinforce previously learned ones. Dance Mat Typing also provides instant feedback on accuracy and speed, allowing kids to monitor their progress as they go along.

Nitro Type

For those looking for a more competitive edge in their typing practice, Nitro Type offers an exciting multiplayer racing game that combines racing cars with keyboard skills. Kids can join virtual races against other players from around the world, typing out words and sentences to make their car speed up.

Nitro Type not only improves children’s typing accuracy and speed but also enhances their vocabulary and reading comprehension skills. With its engaging gameplay and real-time leaderboard, Nitro Type adds an element of fun and excitement to the process of learning to type. is another comprehensive online resource that offers free typing lessons tailored for kids. With its extensive library of lessons, games, and practice exercises, ensures that children develop a solid foundation in touch-typing.

The platform provides a personalized learning experience by adapting to each child’s skill level and progress. It also offers detailed performance statistics, allowing kids to track their improvement over time. covers various topics like proper hand placement, finger positioning, and typing ergonomics, ensuring that children develop healthy typing habits from the start.

In conclusion, practicing typing has never been easier or more accessible for kids thanks to the plethora of free online resources available. From structured lessons to gamified platforms, these resources not only make learning enjoyable but also help children develop essential keyboarding skills that will benefit them throughout their lives. So why wait? Encourage your child to explore these fantastic resources today and watch their typing skills soar.

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