Clockmaker Game Strategy Guide: How to Progress Quickly and Efficiently

Clockmaker is a popular puzzle game where players solve match-three puzzles to progress through levels and repair a magical town. The game is known for its stunning visuals, engaging storyline, and challenging gameplay. If you’re new to the game or struggling to progress, this strategy guide will provide tips on how you can progress quickly and efficiently.

Understanding the Basics

To progress through Clockmaker, you need to complete match-three puzzles. Each level has a different objective that you need to achieve within a limited number of moves. You can create special pieces by matching four or more pieces in a row, which can help you complete objectives more quickly. Additionally, there are power-ups that you can earn or purchase that can help you clear obstacles or create special pieces.

Managing Resources

As you progress through the game, you’ll need to repair buildings in the town using resources like coins and energy. Coins are earned by completing levels, while energy regenerates over time. It’s important to manage your resources carefully so that you have enough coins and energy when you need them. You should also prioritize repairing buildings that provide useful bonuses like increased power-up duration.

Joining a Guild

One of the best ways to progress quickly in Clockmaker is by joining a guild. Guilds allow players to work together towards common goals like completing events or earning rewards. By participating in guild activities, you can earn guild coins that can be used to purchase valuable items like power-ups and extra moves.

Playing Events

Clockmaker regularly features limited-time events with unique objectives and rewards. These events often require players to work together as part of a guild or community towards a common goal like reaching a certain level or collecting specific items. By participating in events, players can earn exclusive rewards like new power-ups or cosmetic items.

In conclusion, Clockmaker is a fun and challenging puzzle game that requires strategy and resource management to progress quickly. By understanding the basics, managing resources carefully, joining a guild, and participating in events, you can maximize your progress and experience all that this magical town has to offer.

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