EDHREC: Your Ultimate Resource for Commander Deck Inspiration

When it comes to playing Magic: The Gathering’s Commander format, building a deck that is both powerful and unique can be quite the challenge. With over 20,000 cards to choose from, finding the right combination can feel overwhelming. That’s where EDHREC comes in. This online platform has become the go-to resource for Commander players looking to find inspiration, discover new strategies, and build their dream decks. In this article, we will explore what EDHREC is all about and how it can enhance your Commander deck-building experience.

What is EDHREC?

EDHREC is an online database and deck-building tool specifically designed for Magic: The Gathering’s Commander format. It was created by a group of passionate players who wanted to make it easier for others to build their own unique decks without spending hours researching each card individually. The website collects data from thousands of user-submitted decks and analyzes them to provide valuable insights into popular cards, strategies, and synergies within the format.

How Does EDHREC Work?

EDHREC works by aggregating data from user-submitted Commander decks found across various platforms such as TappedOut, Archidekt, and many more. By analyzing this vast amount of data, EDHREC generates statistics on the most commonly played cards within different commanders’ decks. This information is then neatly organized on the website under each commander’s page.

When visiting EDHREC’s website, users can browse through a comprehensive list of commanders or search for specific ones they are interested in building around. Each commander’s page provides an overview of their popularity within the format along with recommended cards that synergize well with their abilities. Additionally, users can explore alternative commanders that share similar playstyles or color combinations.

Finding Inspiration for Your Deck

One of the key features that sets EDHREC apart is its ability to inspire players with unique deck ideas. By analyzing the data, the platform showcases popular cards and synergies that players have successfully incorporated into their decks. Whether you are looking for a specific strategy or simply want to explore new possibilities, EDHREC offers a wealth of inspiration.

On each commander’s page, you will find a list of recommended cards categorized by their function within the deck. From staples like ramp and card draw to unique win conditions and tribal synergies, EDHREC covers it all. This makes it easy for players to discover cards they may have overlooked or never considered before.

Building Your Dream Deck

Once you have found inspiration for your Commander deck on EDHREC, it’s time to start building. The website provides an intuitive deck-building interface where you can add cards from the recommended lists directly into your decklist. As you make changes, EDHREC updates in real-time, providing instant feedback on how well your deck aligns with popular choices.

In addition to the deck-building tool, EDHREC also offers resources such as articles and podcasts that delve deeper into specific commanders and strategies. These resources provide valuable insights from experienced players and can help further refine your deck-building process.


EDHREC has revolutionized the way Commander decks are built by providing an invaluable resource for inspiration and insight. Whether you are a new player looking to get started or a seasoned veteran seeking fresh ideas, this platform has everything you need to build your dream Commander deck. So why not give EDHREC a try? Your next winning combination might be just a click away.

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