Exploring the Different Types of Taming Skills in Popular Fantasy Games

Fantasy games have always captured our imagination with their vast worlds and fantastical creatures. One aspect of these games that often stands out is the ability to tame and control these creatures. Whether it’s riding a dragon into battle or having a loyal wolf companion by your side, taming skills play a crucial role in enhancing the gameplay experience. In this article, we will explore the different types of taming skills found in popular fantasy games.

Taming as a Skill

Taming in fantasy games is often presented as a skill that players can develop and improve upon. It allows them to establish a bond with wild beasts and mythical creatures, turning them into powerful allies. The process of taming usually involves capturing or befriending these creatures, gaining their trust, and then training them to obey commands.

Animal Companions

One common type of taming skill found in fantasy games is the ability to have animal companions. These companions can range from small creatures like birds or rabbits to large beasts like wolves or bears. Players can often choose their preferred companion based on their playstyle or personal preference.

Animal companions serve various purposes in gameplay. They can assist players in combat by attacking enemies, providing buffs or healing abilities, or even acting as a mount for faster travel across the game world. The bond between player and companion grows stronger over time, allowing for more advanced commands and interactions.

Mythical Creatures

In addition to animal companions, many fantasy games offer taming skills for mythical creatures. These include legendary beasts such as dragons, griffins, or unicorns. Taming such creatures usually requires more effort and skill than taming regular animals due to their power and rarity within the game world.

Mythical creature taming often involves completing specific quests or challenges in order to prove your worthiness as a master. Once successfully tamed, these creatures can become formidable allies in battles, granting players unique abilities or providing transportation to otherwise inaccessible areas.

Monster Taming

Some fantasy games take taming skills to a whole new level by allowing players to tame monsters. These monsters are typically hostile creatures that players encounter during their adventures. Rather than defeating them in combat, players have the option to tame them and turn them into loyal minions.

Monster taming brings an element of strategy to gameplay. Players must carefully select which monsters they want to tame based on their skills and abilities. These tamed monsters can then be used in battles against other creatures or even other players, adding an exciting twist to the traditional combat mechanics.


Taming skills add depth and excitement to popular fantasy games. Whether it’s having a faithful animal companion, riding a majestic mythical creature, or taming fearsome monsters, the ability to control and bond with these creatures enhances the overall gameplay experience. So the next time you embark on a fantasy adventure, don’t forget to explore the world of taming skills and unlock the true potential of your character.

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