Exploring the Fascinating World of Northumberland Fusiliers Records

The Northumberland Fusiliers were a regiment of the British Army that served with distinction during the First and Second World Wars. Their records provide a unique insight into the lives of those who served in the regiment, as well as a wealth of information about their battles and campaigns. In this article, we’ll explore some of the fascinating records that can be found in the archives of the Northumberland Fusiliers.

Military Service Records

The military service records of members of the Northumberland Fusiliers are held by The National Archives in Kew, London. These records provide an invaluable source of information about individual soldiers, including details such as date and place of birth, physical description, service history, and awards. They also contain details about any disciplinary action taken against a soldier. These records can be used to trace family histories or to gain an understanding of an individual’s experience during wartime.

Regimental Histories

The regimental histories provide an overview of the Northumberland Fusiliers’ involvement in various battles and campaigns throughout their history. These books are invaluable for anyone researching the regiment’s role in specific conflicts or for gaining an understanding of how they operated on a larger scale. The regimental histories are available to purchase from bookshops or online retailers, or can be accessed through libraries or archives.

Memorials and Monuments

The Northumberland Fusiliers have several memorials and monuments dedicated to them around the world. These include memorials at Tyne Cot Cemetery in Belgium, Thiepval Memorial in France, Menin Gate Memorial in Belgium, and many others. These monuments serve as a reminder of those who lost their lives serving with the regiment, and provide an opportunity for reflection on their sacrifice.

In conclusion, exploring the archives of the Northumberland Fusiliers provides a unique insight into their history and service during both world wars. From military service records to regimental histories and memorials, there is much to discover about this fascinating regiment.

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