Google Meetings 101: Beginner’s Guide to Hosting and Joining Virtual Meetings

In today’s digital age, virtual meetings have become an essential part of our professional and personal lives. Whether you need to collaborate with colleagues from different locations or connect with friends and family members, Google Meetings offers a convenient platform for hosting and joining virtual meetings. In this beginner’s guide, we will walk you through the process of creating a Google Meeting, from setting up your account to inviting participants.

Getting Started with Google Meetings

To get started with Google Meetings, you will need a Google account. If you don’t have one already, visit the Google homepage and click on “Sign In” to create an account. Once you have your account set up, you can access Google Meetings through various methods.

One way to access Google Meetings is through the web browser on your computer. Simply open a new tab and type in “”. Another option is to download the Google Meet app on your mobile device from the App Store or Play Store.

Creating a Google Meeting

Now that you have access to Google Meetings, let’s dive into creating your first meeting. Start by opening the Google Meet app or visiting on your computer. You will be prompted to sign in with your Google account if you haven’t done so already.

Once signed in, click on the “+ New Meeting” button. This will generate a unique meeting link that you can share with participants. You also have the option to add a meeting title and choose whether participants should be able to join before or after the host.

Inviting Participants

After creating your meeting, it’s time to invite participants. There are several ways to do this within Google Meetings. One way is by clicking on the “Add People” button within the meeting interface. You can then enter email addresses of individuals you want to invite or copy the meeting link and share it via email or messaging apps.

If you are using Google Calendar, you can also schedule a meeting and invite participants directly from there. Simply create a new event, add the Google Meet link as the location, and invite attendees by entering their email addresses.

Joining a Google Meeting

Joining a Google Meeting is just as simple as creating one. If you were invited to a meeting, simply click on the meeting link provided in the invitation. You will be redirected to the meeting interface where you can choose to join with or without video.

Alternatively, if you have the meeting code, you can manually enter it by clicking on “Join or start a meeting” and entering the code in the appropriate field. This is useful when someone shares the code with you directly instead of sending an invitation.

In conclusion, hosting and joining virtual meetings has never been easier thanks to Google Meetings. With just a few simple steps, you can create your own meetings, invite participants, and collaborate seamlessly from anywhere in the world. So why not give it a try and experience the convenience of virtual meetings with Google Meetings today?

This text was generated using a large language model, and select text has been reviewed and moderated for purposes such as readability.