The Importance of Knowing Your USAA Claim Phone Number

Being a member of the United Services Automobile Association (USAA) comes with many benefits, including access to insurance coverage for your car, home, and personal property. While USAA is known for its exceptional customer service, accidents and other unexpected events can happen at any time. That’s why it’s important to know your USAA claim phone number so you can quickly get the help you need.

What is USAA?

USAA is a financial services company that provides insurance, banking, investment, and retirement products to current and former members of the military and their families. Founded in 1922 by a group of Army officers who were unable to obtain auto insurance because they were considered high-risk drivers, USAA has since grown into a Fortune 500 company that serves more than 13 million members across the country.

Why Knowing Your USAA Claim Phone Number is Important

When something unexpected happens – like a car accident or damage to your home – you want to be able to get help as quickly as possible. By knowing your USAA claim phone number, you can report your claim right away and start the process of getting back on track.

Having your claim number handy also makes it easier for you to track the progress of your claim. You’ll be able to check on the status of your claim online or by calling customer service without having to search for your policy information every time.

How to Find Your USAA Claim Phone Number

Your USAA claim phone number will be listed on your insurance policy documents or on any correspondence you receive from USAA regarding a recent claim. If you’re having trouble finding it, you can always call customer service directly and they will provide it for you.

It’s also important to keep your contact information up-to-date with USAA so they can reach you in case there are any updates or questions about your claim.


In conclusion, knowing your USAA claim phone number is an important part of being a responsible member and ensuring that you receive the support you need in case of an unexpected event. Take the time to locate your claim number and keep it handy in case you need it. USAA’s exceptional customer service will be there to guide you through the claims process and help get you back on track.

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