What Information is Included on a Copy of your New York Marriage Certificate?

If you recently got married in New York and need to obtain a copy of your marriage certificate, you may be wondering what information is included on this important document. A copy of your New York marriage certificate not only serves as proof of your marriage but also contains crucial details about the union. In this article, we will explore the various pieces of information typically found on a copy of your New York marriage certificate.

Personal Information:

The first section of the New York marriage certificate includes personal information about the couple. This includes the full names, addresses, dates of birth, and occupations of both individuals. The document also includes any previous names used by either party before getting married.

Marriage Details:

The second section contains specific details about the marriage itself. It includes the date and location where the ceremony took place, such as the city or town in New York. The officiant’s name and title are also listed, along with their address.

Furthermore, if there were any witnesses present at the ceremony, their names and addresses will be included on the certificate as well. These witnesses play an essential role in validating the legality of your marriage.

Vital Statistics:

The third section focuses on vital statistics related to both individuals getting married in New York. This includes information such as race/ethnicity, country/state of birth, parents’ names (including mothers’ maiden names), and their respective birthplaces.

Additionally, if either party had been previously married or divorced, this information is recorded on the certificate too. It may include details such as previous spouse’s name(s) and date(s) of divorce or death.

Registration Information:

The final section pertains to registration information for issuing and recording purposes. It includes the date when the marriage certificate was filed with local authorities in New York State.

This section may also mention other relevant details like filing number, book and page number, and the name of the registrar or clerk responsible for recording the marriage. These details are crucial for administrative purposes and can help locate the official record in case you need additional copies in the future.

In conclusion, a copy of your New York marriage certificate contains vital information about your marriage. It includes personal details about both individuals, specific information about the wedding ceremony itself, vital statistics of each party involved, and registration information. This document serves as legal proof of your marriage and may be required for various purposes such as changing your name or updating legal documents. If you need a copy of your New York marriage certificate, make sure to follow the appropriate procedures outlined by the New York State Department of Health or consult with your local government office.

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