Investigating ActBlue: Separating Fact from Fiction

ActBlue has become a hot topic in recent years, especially during election seasons. Some people question the legitimacy of this organization and wonder if their donations are truly going towards supporting political campaigns and causes. In this article, we will investigate ActBlue and separate fact from fiction.

What is ActBlue?

ActBlue is a non-profit organization that provides an online fundraising platform for Democratic candidates, committees, and progressive organizations. Their platform allows individuals to easily donate to causes they support with just a few clicks. Since its founding in 2004, ActBlue has raised over $5 billion for Democratic campaigns and causes.

Is ActBlue Legitimate?

Yes, ActBlue is a legitimate organization. They are registered as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit with the IRS and are required to follow strict regulations regarding their finances and operations. Additionally, all donations made through their platform are publicly disclosed on the Federal Election Commission’s website.

Some people have spread misinformation about ActBlue, claiming that they donate money to questionable organizations or that they keep a portion of donations for themselves. These claims are false. ActBlue only processes donations for candidates or organizations that have been vetted by their team and meet their standards.

Where Do Donations Go?

Donations made through ActBlue go directly to the candidate or organization specified by the donor. Donors can choose which campaign or cause they want to support when making their donation. In some cases, donors may also have the option to donate to multiple campaigns or split their donation between different causes.

It’s important to note that while ActBlue facilitates these donations, they do not control where the money goes once it leaves their platform. Candidates and organizations are responsible for using these funds in accordance with campaign finance laws.


In conclusion, ActBlue is a legitimate non-profit organization that provides an easy-to-use platform for individuals who want to support Democratic campaigns and causes. Donations made through their platform go directly to the specified candidate or organization and are publicly disclosed. Claims that ActBlue donates to questionable organizations or keeps a portion of donations for themselves are false. As with any donation, it’s important to research and vet the candidate or cause you want to support before making a contribution.

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