Maximize Your LEGO Collection with Rebrickable’s Inventory Management Tools

If you’re a LEGO enthusiast, you probably understand the struggle of keeping track of your ever-growing collection. With hundreds, or even thousands, of LEGO pieces to manage, it can be challenging to remember what you have and what you need. That’s where Rebrickable comes in. Rebrickable is a powerful inventory management tool designed specifically for LEGO enthusiasts. In this article, we will explore how Rebrickable can help you maximize your LEGO collection.

What is Rebrickable?

Rebrickable is a comprehensive online platform that allows LEGO fans to keep track of their collection and discover new building possibilities. It provides a database of LEGO sets and parts, allowing users to easily catalog their inventory and identify missing pieces for specific builds.

Organize and Catalog Your Collection

One of the most significant challenges for any LEGO collector is organizing their vast assortment of bricks. With Rebrickable’s inventory management tools, this process becomes much more manageable. You can create an account on the platform and start adding all your LEGO sets and loose elements into your collection.

Rebrickable provides an intuitive interface that allows you to search for sets by their official set numbers or names. Once added, each set’s inventory is automatically populated in your collection list with accurate part information. You can also add individual parts manually if they are not part of any specific set.

The ability to organize your collection into categories or custom lists is another helpful feature offered by Rebrickable. Whether you want to sort by color, type, or size, creating custom categories makes it easier to find specific pieces when needed.

Find New Building Possibilities

Rebrickable goes beyond just organizing your existing collection; it also helps you discover new building possibilities based on the parts you already own. The platform has an extensive database of user-created MOCs (My Own Creations) – unique LEGO designs that can be built using existing LEGO parts.

By inputting the pieces you have in your collection, Rebrickable’s powerful search engine can generate a list of MOCs that you can build with your current inventory. This feature opens up a world of creativity and allows you to find inspiration for new projects with the bricks you already have.

Identify Missing Pieces and Create Bricklink Orders

Have you ever started building a LEGO set only to realize that you’re missing a crucial piece? With Rebrickable, this problem becomes a thing of the past. The platform has an advanced algorithm that can identify which parts are missing from a particular set or MOC based on your inventory.

Once the missing pieces are identified, Rebrickable provides various options to acquire them. One popular option is to create Bricklink orders directly from the platform. Bricklink is an online marketplace where LEGO fans can buy and sell individual LEGO pieces. Rebrickable seamlessly integrates with Bricklink, allowing you to quickly add the missing parts to your order and complete your collection.


Rebrickable’s inventory management tools are an invaluable resource for any LEGO enthusiast looking to maximize their collection. From organizing and cataloging your bricks to finding new building possibilities and acquiring missing pieces, Rebrickable simplifies the entire process. So why struggle with managing your LEGO collection when you can let Rebrickable do it for you? Sign up today and take your love for LEGO to new heights.

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