NSW BDM Records: What You Need to Know Before You Search

If you are researching your family history or looking for official records, the NSW Birth, Death and Marriage (BDM) registry is a great place to start. With over 100 years of historical data, these records can provide valuable information about your ancestors and their lives. However, before diving into the search process, there are a few things you should know about NSW BDM records.

What are NSW BDM Records?

NSW BDM records refer to official documents that record births, deaths and marriages that have occurred in New South Wales. These records date back to 1856 when the state began registering vital events. Today, the registry continues to maintain accurate and up-to-date records of these events.

How to Access NSW BDM Records?

To access NSW BDM records, you can visit the registry in person or access them online through their website. The online search function allows you to search for birth, death and marriage records by name, date range or registration number. However, keep in mind that while some historical records may be available online for free, other more recent ones may require a fee.

What Information Can You Find in NSW BDM Records?


NSW BDM records contain a wealth of information about individuals including their full name, birthdate/place of birth (for births), parents’ names/ages/occupations (for births), spouse’s name(s)/age(s)/occupation(s) (for marriages), cause of death/date of death/place of death (for deaths) and more. This information can be invaluable for those researching their family history or filling out official paperwork.

How Accurate are NSW BDM Records?


NSW BDM records are generally considered very accurate as they are maintained by the government and undergo regular checks and updates. However, there may be some errors or discrepancies in the records, particularly for older records that were manually recorded. It’s always a good idea to cross-check information with other sources to ensure accuracy.

In conclusion, NSW BDM records are an important resource for anyone interested in researching their family history or obtaining official documentation. By understanding what these records are, how to access them, what information they contain and their level of accuracy, you can make the most of your search and uncover valuable insights about your ancestors.


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