Step-by-Step Guide: How to Easily Renew Your AARP Membership Online

Are you a member of AARP and your membership is about to expire? Don’t worry. Renewing your AARP membership online is a quick and hassle-free process. In this step-by-step guide, we will walk you through the easy steps to renew your AARP membership online in just a few minutes. Let’s get started.

Why Should You Renew Your AARP Membership?

Before diving into the renewal process, let’s take a moment to understand why renewing your AARP membership is important. As an AARP member, you gain access to a wide range of benefits and resources that can enhance your quality of life. These benefits include discounts on travel, entertainment, insurance plans, healthcare products, and services.

Renewing your membership ensures that you continue to enjoy these exclusive perks and stay connected with the extensive network of fellow members. Additionally, as an active member, you contribute towards supporting the advocacy efforts of AARP in addressing issues that affect older adults across the country.

Step 1: Visit the AARP Website

To start the renewal process, open your web browser and visit the official website of AARP at Once on their homepage, navigate to the “Membership” section located at the top right corner of the page.

Step 2: Log in or Create an Account

If you already have an account with AARP, click on “Log In” and enter your username or email address along with your password. If this is your first time renewing online or if you don’t have an account yet, click on “Join/Renew” followed by “Join Now.” Fill in all required information to create a new account.

Step 3: Select Membership Renewal Option

After logging into your account or creating a new one, select the option for membership renewal from the available choices. You will be presented with different membership durations to choose from, such as annual or multi-year options.

Step 4: Complete the Renewal Process

Once you have selected your preferred membership duration, proceed to the payment page. AARP accepts various payment methods, including credit cards and electronic funds transfer. Enter your payment details and any necessary billing information accurately.

Before finalizing your renewal, take a moment to review all the information provided and ensure its accuracy. Once you are satisfied, click on the “Renew” or “Submit” button to complete the process.

Congratulations. You have successfully renewed your AARP membership online. You will receive a confirmation email shortly, along with any additional instructions or offers related to your renewed membership.

Remember to mark your calendar for the next renewal date so that you can continue enjoying all the benefits and resources available through AARP.

In conclusion, renewing your AARP membership online is a simple and straightforward process that only takes a few minutes of your time. By renewing, you ensure uninterrupted access to exclusive benefits and support AARP’s mission in advocating for older adults’ rights. Follow this step-by-step guide to easily renew your AARP membership online today.

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