The Top Tools for SMS Texting from Your Computer

SMS texting has become an integral part of our communication in the digital age. However, constantly switching between your computer and phone can be a hassle. Luckily, there are tools available that allow you to send and receive SMS texts directly from your computer. In this article, we will explore the top tools for SMS texting from your computer.

What is SMS Texting from Computer?

SMS texting from computer allows you to send and receive text messages through your computer instead of using your phone. This feature is particularly helpful when you need to type out a longer message or when your phone is not easily accessible.

Top Tools for SMS Texting from Your Computer

MightyText – MightyText is a popular tool that lets you send and receive texts on your computer using either Google Chrome or Firefox browsers. It also offers features such as syncing photos and videos between devices, scheduling messages, and receiving notifications on your desktop.

Pushbullet – Pushbullet enables you to send text messages, files, links, and even make calls directly from your desktop or laptop browser. It supports both Android and iOS devices.

AirDroid – AirDroid provides remote access to Android devices via web browsers or desktop clients on Windows or Mac computers. You can use AirDroid to send text messages, manage files, check notifications, and even mirror the device screen on a larger display.

Google Voice – Google Voice allows users to send text messages through their web browser by linking their Google account with a mobile number. Google Voice also offers voicemail transcription services along with other features such as call forwarding and conference calling.

How do these tools work?

Most of these tools work by connecting with the messaging app on your phone through Wi-Fi or cellular data networks. Once connected, they mirror the messaging app interface onto the web or desktop client, allowing you to send and receive text messages.


SMS texting from your computer can be a lifesaver when you need to send a message quickly but don’t have your phone on hand. The tools listed above are some of the top choices available for SMS texting from your computer. Whether you’re using Google Voice, MightyText, Pushbullet or AirDroid, these tools make it easy to stay connected with friends and family without ever having to pick up your phone.

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