The Ultimate Guide: Where Is Area Code 818 Located?

Have you ever received a phone call from an unknown number with the area code 818? If so, you may have wondered where this area code is located. In this ultimate guide, we will explore the answer to this question and provide you with valuable information about area code 818.

Understanding Area Codes

Before we dive into the specifics of area code 818, let’s first understand what area codes are and how they function. Area codes are numerical prefixes used to identify specific geographic regions within a country or state. They were introduced in the mid-20th century as a way to organize telephone networks and streamline communication.

In the United States, each state is assigned multiple area codes based on its population and telecommunications infrastructure. These area codes help route calls to the correct destination by indicating the general location of the caller or recipient.

Unveiling Area Code 818

Now that we have a basic understanding of area codes let’s focus on area code 818. This particular area code is associated with several cities located in Southern California, specifically in Los Angeles County. Some notable cities included within the boundaries of area code 818 are Burbank, Glendale, San Fernando Valley, and parts of North Hollywood.

Area code 818 covers a significant portion of Los Angeles County and is considered one of its primary telephone prefixes. It was originally established in January 1984 as part of a split from another existing Southern California area code due to an increasing demand for telephone numbers in the region.

The Significance of Area Code 818

Area code 818 holds cultural significance due to its association with various prominent neighborhoods and entertainment hubs within Los Angeles County. Burbank, for example, is home to major film studios such as Warner Bros., Walt Disney Studios, and NBC Universal Studios. The presence of these studios has made area code 818 synonymous with the entertainment industry.

Additionally, Glendale, another city within area code 818, is known for its vibrant Armenian community and numerous shopping destinations. The San Fernando Valley, which covers a significant portion of area code 818, is renowned for its suburban neighborhoods, beautiful landscapes, and recreational activities.

Dialing Area Code 818

If you need to dial a phone number with area code 818 from within the United States, you simply need to enter the full ten-digit number starting with the area code. For example, if you are calling a number in Burbank with the phone number (818) 555-1234, you would dial it exactly as shown.

When making an international call to a number within area code 818 from outside of the United States, you would need to include the country code for the United States (+1) before dialing the full ten-digit number.


Now that you know where area code 818 is located and have gained insight into its significance within Los Angeles County, you can answer those unknown calls with confidence. Area codes are not just random numbers; they represent specific regions and communities within our vast world of telecommunications. So next time your phone rings with an unfamiliar area code like 818, remember that it connects you to exciting cities like Burbank, Glendale, and more in sunny Southern California.

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