The Ultimate Guide to Customizing Brushes in Procreate Drawing Software

Procreate is a powerful drawing software that has become increasingly popular among artists and designers. One of the standout features of Procreate is its extensive brush library, which allows users to create unique and custom brushes for their artwork. In this ultimate guide, we will explore the various ways you can customize brushes in Procreate and take your digital art to the next level.

Understanding the Brush Panel

The first step in customizing brushes in Procreate is familiarizing yourself with the Brush panel. This panel provides all the tools you need to modify existing brushes or create new ones from scratch. To access the Brush panel, simply tap on the paintbrush icon located at the top right corner of your screen.

Within the Brush panel, you will find a wide array of options such as brush shape, size, opacity, blending modes, and more. Each setting can be adjusted to suit your specific needs and artistic style. By taking the time to explore these settings and experiment with different combinations, you can create truly unique brushes that reflect your creative vision.

Modifying Existing Brushes

Procreate offers a vast collection of pre-installed brushes that cover a wide range of styles and effects. However, sometimes you may want to modify these existing brushes to better suit your needs. Thankfully, Procreate makes it incredibly easy to do so.

To modify an existing brush in Procreate, start by selecting the brush from your brush library. Once selected, tap on the “Properties” tab within the Brush panel. Here you will find options such as Shape Dynamics, Grain Texture, Opacity & Flow Dynamics, Color Dynamics, and many more.

Experiment with each setting individually or combine them together for even more customization possibilities. For example, adjusting Shape Dynamics can change how your brush responds to pressure sensitivity or tilt while using an Apple Pencil. Similarly, modifying the Grain Texture can add texture and depth to your strokes.

Creating Custom Brushes

While modifying existing brushes can be a great way to personalize your artwork, creating custom brushes from scratch opens up a whole new world of possibilities. Procreate provides several tools and features for designing your own unique brushes.

To create a custom brush in Procreate, start by selecting an existing brush that closely resembles the effect you are trying to achieve. Then, tap on the “Duplicate” button located at the top left corner of the Brush panel. This will create a copy of the selected brush that you can now modify without affecting the original.

Once you have duplicated a brush, tap on its thumbnail to access its settings. From here, you can adjust various parameters such as shape, size, spacing, scattering, dynamics, and more. Additionally, Procreate allows you to import custom shapes or textures to further enhance your brushes.

Organizing and Sharing Brushes

As you continue to customize and create new brushes in Procreate, it is essential to keep them organized for easy access. Procreate offers several ways to manage your brush library efficiently.

To organize your brushes in Procreate, start by tapping on the “+” icon located at the top right corner of your Brush library screen. This will create a new group where you can categorize related brushes together. You can rename each group to reflect its contents and even rearrange them by dragging and dropping.

Furthermore, if you want to share your customized brushes with others or transfer them between devices, Procreate makes it simple. Within the Brush panel settings menu (accessible by tapping on the gear icon), select “Share” or “Export” options depending on your requirements. This allows you to collaborate with other artists or seamlessly transition between different devices without losing any of your customized brushes.


Customizing brushes in Procreate drawing software gives artists and designers unparalleled creative control over their digital artwork. Whether you are modifying existing brushes or creating custom ones from scratch, Procreate offers a vast array of options to suit your individual style and preferences. By understanding the Brush panel, experimenting with different settings, and organizing your brushes efficiently, you can unlock the full potential of Procreate and take your digital art to new heights.

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