Unlocking Rewards: How to Reach Different Tiers with ARAM Points in TFT Pass

Are you an avid player of Teamfight Tactics (TFT) and want to know how many ARAM points you need to reach different tiers in the TFT Pass? Look no further. In this article, we will break down the point system and guide you through the various tiers, helping you unlock exciting rewards along the way. So, let’s dive in.

Understanding ARAM Points

ARAM Points are a currency within Teamfight Tactics that allow players to progress through the TFT Pass. These points are earned by playing games of ARAM mode and can be used to unlock tiers filled with rewards such as Little Legends, emotes, arenas, and more.

Every game of ARAM mode rewards players with a specific amount of ARAM Points based on their performance. The better you perform in each game, the more points you will earn. But how many points do you actually need to reach different tiers? Let’s find out.

Reaching Tier 1: The First Milestone

The first tier is often considered the starting point for all players. To reach Tier 1 in the TFT Pass, you typically need around 500 ARAM Points. This milestone is relatively easy to achieve and serves as a great motivator for players to keep progressing.

Unlocking Tier 1 comes with its own set of rewards. You can expect to receive an exclusive Little Legend variant at this stage, along with some emotes and icons that showcase your accomplishment.

Climbing Higher: Reaching Tier 2 and Beyond

Once you’ve reached Tier 1 and acquired its rewards, it’s time to aim higher. Reaching Tier 2 requires approximately 1500 ARAM Points. This tier brings even more exciting rewards into play.

At Tier 2, players can expect additional Little Legend variants along with exclusive arenas that add a fresh visual experience to their games. Emotes and icons continue to be part of the rewards package as well, so you can show off your progress to other players.

The Final Push: Tier 3 and Beyond

The journey doesn’t end at Tier 2. For dedicated players, reaching Tier 3 is the ultimate goal. This tier demands around 3000 ARAM Points, which requires consistent gameplay and dedication.

Tier 3 offers the most prestigious rewards in the TFT Pass. Alongside more Little Legend variants, arenas, emotes, and icons, players can unlock unique booms for their Little Legends. These booms add an extra touch of flair to your in-game experience and make your victories even more satisfying.


In conclusion, earning ARAM Points in Teamfight Tactics is a rewarding way to progress through the TFT Pass and unlock exciting rewards. Starting at Tier 1 with approximately 500 points, players can work their way up through Tier 2 (1500 points) and aim for the pinnacle at Tier 3 (3000 points).

Each tier brings its own set of exclusive rewards such as Little Legend variants, emotes, icons, arenas, and even booms for your Little Legends. So hop into an ARAM game today and start accumulating those ARAM Points – there’s a world of rewards waiting for you.

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