What Type of Internet Service Is Xfinity?

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If you want home internet, Xfinity internet services are available in many cities across about 40 states. If you’re in a service area, you may be wondering if Xfinity can meet your needs. Here, we’ll take a look at the type of internet services available through Xfinity, as well as other details about Xfinity internet services you need to know before signing up.

What Is Xfinity Internet Services?

Xfinity internet services are broadband internet plans. Specifically, Xfinity offers cable and fiber internet options, although what’s available in your area will likely differ from those services available in other regions.

Cable and fiber internet typically qualify as high-speed, as the data transmission capabilities exceed what’s available using older technologies, like DSL. Additionally, Xfinity offers Wi-Fi connectivity through its routers and service type, though its Wi-Fi relies on the underlying cable or fiber internet service.

How to Cancel Xfinity Internet Services

Canceling internet service is often viewed as challenging. However, you can stop your Xfinity internet services with reasonable ease if you use the right approach.

The provider offers a few paths for canceling Xfinity internet services. However, none of them allow you to avoid speaking with a customer service representative. Even if you fill out the cancellation form online, you’ll have to chat with an employee during the callback, which happens within two business days of your request being received.

If you want to expedite the process, you can call Xfinity directly and choose the phone-tree option for canceling services. Not into either of those options? Well, you can also use the online chat option, or even head to your local Xfinity store. Going to the store also means you can drop off any Xfinity-provided equipment then, which could help streamline the whole process of cancelling your Xfinity internet services.

Otherwise, once you arrange for your cancellation, you’ll need to deal with your equipment. You can choose to mail any Xfinity equipment back to the company or bring it to a store within the designated drop-off time window. Just know that turning in equipment outside of the return timeframe isn’t a great move: you’ll usually accrue charges for the equipment.

How Much Is Xfinity Internet-Only Service?

The cost of Xfinity’s internet-only service varies based on a few factors. First, the internet speed you choose plays a role, as higher speeds come with bigger price tags. Second, rates do vary by area, so customers in one city may pay more than those in another town.

Whether you qualify for an introductory rate or new and existing customer specials also impacts the price. Often, new customers can get lower-cost service for six months to two years depending on the availability of specials. Existing customers may qualify for discounts, too, though they aren’t always as generous as those offered to new subscribers.

The cost of Xfinity internet also depends on whether you go under contract or choose a plan without binding terms. When there’s a contract, the price is lower, as you’re effectively locked in for a specific period or have to pay a fee to cancel early. When there isn’t a contract, you can cancel at any time without a fee or extra costs, but the monthly price is higher.

In most cases, the lowest cost options are about $30 per month with a two-year contract and typically come with speeds near 50 Mbps. If you go for top-end speeds, typically near 1200 Mbps, you could end up spending $100 to $200+ per month, depending on where your service address is and whether you opt for a contract.

Is Xfinity Customer Service 24/7?

Thankfully, you can contact Xfinity support 24/7. The Xfinity Assistant is always available, offering chatbot-based support options for simple issues. Xfinity internet services also has a customer support phone number that can handle most problems at any time, day or night.