Abandoned Amusement Parks with Even Creepier Backstories

By Jake SchroederLast Updated Apr 2, 2020 5:28:37 PM ET
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From the eerie to the downright terrifying, nothing says creepy like an abandoned amusement park. The juxtaposition of a former fun-for-the-whole-family attraction and the remnants of what's left behind give "haunting" a whole new meaning.

Ruins that are overtaken by nature are like decaying memories of what used to be, and amusement parks without patrons are nightmare-inducing. You can find a startling number of abandoned parks around the world, and some are creepier than others simply because of how they met their demise.

Pripyat Amusement Park, Ukraine

The Pripyat Fun Fair met its untimely end before the locals even got a chance to enjoy a single spin on the Ferris wheel, bumper cars and swing boats. Opening day was set for May 1, 1986, but the Chernobyl disaster struck less than a week before.

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Photo Courtesy: Wendelin_Jacober/Pixabay

It's been rumored that the owners opened it up for one day on April 27 in an attempt to distract people from the terrifying situation, but an order to evacuate forced everyone out of the area. Pictures have turned up of people enjoying the site prior to its completion. People still tour the site today, but with questionable radiation levels, it's a dangerous game.

Castle d'Oultremont, Land van Ooit, Netherlands

The fairytale appearance of the Castle d'Oultremont is like something out of a Grimm's story. When it opened in 1989, Land van Ooit was meant to be a perfect children's play place. With people and props all playing a part in the magical stories made for the park, the children were the kings of the castle.

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Photo Courtesy: Peter van der Wielen/Wiki Creative Commons

They entertained visitors with their pretend knight fights, but a tragic death during one of the routine duels turned the whimsical tale into a real-life nightmare. The park recovered but shut down in 2007 due to bad finances. The pink castle has since been repurposed.

Hồ Thuỷ Tiên (Thuy Tien Lake), Vietnam

This $3 million water park opened in 2004 before it finished construction. The main draw was a giant dragon aquarium that stood three stories tall and housed manta rays, sharks and an assortment of live fish in its ribcage stairway and lower body.

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Although the park closed due to financial constraints, its existence now is what makes it so interesting. It seems to be lost between two worlds, and travelers are more likely to find the location through word of mouth. Among the decaying remnants of the park, some of the crocodiles survived its closure.

Disney's River Country, USA

As the first water park built by Walt Disney Company, River Country had a lot of promise. Its close proximity to Discovery Island and Fort Wilderness Campgrounds provided easy access for tourists wanting to enjoy an adventure through the Floridian wilds.

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Photo Courtesy: CoreyJune12/Wikipedia Creative Commons

After its closure in 2002, rumors began to swirl. Some said that it closed because of financial cutbacks, but another rumor was far more menacing. A child died in 1980 after swimming at River Country. Doctors discovered that he died from amoebic meningoencephalitis after an amoeba that lives in the nearby waters got into his body and attacked his nervous system.

Okpo Land, South Korea

Now known as "the most horrific amusement park in the world," Okpo Land was once a bustling tourist attraction. It was open in the ‘90s and revered for its modern rides, but a couple of tragic accidents derailed the park's famous reputation.

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A duck-train ride derailed, killing one and injuring several others. The same type of accident happened again a few years later, killing a young girl. After the two deaths, the manager of the park mysteriously vanished, and it has been abandoned ever since — with the scene of the accidents remaining to this day.

Dadipark, Belgium

This simple playground-turned-amusement park in Dadizele opened in the 1950s and didn't close until 2002. Over the course of its five decades of life, the park was expanded and eventually became an affordable attraction for young local children.

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Photo Courtesy: Ashley Dobber/Flickr

As safety precautions became lax, the park turned into a hazard. In 2000, a young boy lost his arm on the Nautical Jet, and the incident spiraled into a series of unfortunate events for the park. The park closed its doors in 2002, telling the public it was merely closing for renovations. In 2012, demolition began, and the only thing that remains is a tall slide.

Jungle Habitat, New Jersey

Warner Brothers opened Jungle Habitat in 1972 with the promise of giving tourists a safari-like experience with more than 1,500 wild animals. It didn't offer rides, but glimpses of exotic wildlife were enough to get patrons excited about the opening.

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The open-concept zoo didn't last long. A man and a woman were attacked, animals escaped into the nearby town of West Milford and a tuberculosis outbreak forced the park to euthanize several of its main attractions. Warner Brothers hoped to expand to include amusement rides, but the good folks of West Milford, New Jersey, put a stop to that idea.

Lake Shawnee, USA

Lake Shawnee is perhaps one of the most infamous abandoned amusement parks, thanks to its bloody history. Not only was the amusement park built on an ancient Native American burial ground, but it was also the site of a tragic massacre that claimed the lives of three children.

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Photo Courtesy: Forsaken Fotos/Flickr

That might explain the trail of death that Lake Shawnee left in its wake. Two children died in park accidents before it finally closed in 1966. All that's left are the remnants of what used to be — a field of rides covered in vines and growing grasses.

Terra Encantada, Brazil

Terra Encantada was one of the most expensive amusement parks to ever open in South America. After a whirlwind series of financial setbacks, the park finally opened in 1998 and soon became the site for nothing but bad news and criminal activity.

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Less than a month after it opened, an actress was injured, which started a progression of events that led to the park’s eventual demise. There was a riot, a number of fights and a woman lost her life after being thrown from a ride. It all proved too much for the park when the owners were charged with manslaughter in her death.

Enchanted Forest Theme Park, USA

Leaping straight out of a fairytale, the Enchanted Forest Theme Park in Maryland was supposed to be an imaginary world of whimsical storied times for children to enjoy after WWII. After its opening in 1955, it welcomed more than 300,000 visitors each year.

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Photo Courtesy: Urban Atrophy/UrbanAtrophy.com

By the time the ‘80s rolled around, the park began to lose its fanbase and slowly became obsolete in a world filled with video games and arcades. By the ‘90s, the park closed, and the Cinderella castle and attractions deteriorated rapidly. The contents of the park were moved to a nearby farm, and people can visit to see the remaining buildings once a year.

Spreepark, Berlin

This creepy park was built by the Communist government in 1969 and welcomed more than a million visitors each year until closing 20 years later. It was reopened in 1991 by Norbert Witte, who renovated it with new rides and a more scenic landscape.

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Photo Courtesy: ullstein bild/Getty Images

Witte's ownership only lasted until 2002 when police discovered he used ride parts from Peru to smuggle cocaine. He was arrested for drug smuggling, and the park was abandoned to be consumed by nature. It was used in the film Hanna before falling victim to arson in 2014. All that remains are a few rides and a restaurant.

Holy Land, USA

The Christian derelict that is Holy Land USA has been closed since 1984. The owner of the park closed it for renovations in an attempt to attract more visitors. Before it reopened, he passed away, leaving the religion-themed park to a group of nuns.

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Photo Courtesy: Michael 'Mikey' Riccio/Flickr

It was designed to be a smaller version of Biblical Bethlehem, but the park was vandalized after its closure, and the nuns couldn’t maintain it. In 2010, a teenage girl was murdered on the grounds, and the park was sold. A cross is still visible from the roadside, enticing visitors to check out the ruins to this day.

Taman Festival, Indonesia

The Taman Festival park is now overrun by nature and almost swallowed whole by the jungle, but it didn't start out that way. The official opening of the park actually never happened, because the owners abandoned it shortly after construction.

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Photo Courtesy: @wan_agungg/Instagram

The reason behind the untimely demise is shrouded in mystery. Unsubstantiated rumors circulate constantly. Some say the owners were scared of terrorist attacks. Others say the park never opened because it was damaged by lightning strikes. One thing is certain: The park is now a top choice for artists, photographers and tourists plagued by wanderlust.

Brandywine Springs, USA

A relic of the 19th century, Brandywine Springs Amusement Park opened in 1886 and offered visitors a variety of activities. It had a wooden roller coaster, a restaurant, a pavilion and a castle house. A tale of unrequited love spelled disaster for this quaint park in Wilmington, Delaware.

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Photo Courtesy: Tracy Shane/Listverse

In 1916, Samuel Gongas shot and killed a man over the woman he loved. He also burned down several of the park's buildings after the woman, a waitress in the park's restaurant, rejected his advances. The park closed seven years later, and all that's left are a few concrete slabs and pools.

Magic Harbor, USA

Magic Harbor was anything but magical. The tragedy-laden amusement park had all the components to create something special — bumper cars, roller coaster, Ferris wheel — but death and financial instability prevented it from living up to its potential.

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Photo Courtesy: Peadoodle/Pinterest

In 1976, Franklin Loftis shot and killed the park's owner, Harry Koch, and his stepson, Carl Derk. Koch's widow managed to survive by hiding, and she eventually let the park go into foreclosure. It was bought and briefly reopened, but then a 13-year-old girl was flung from a ride and killed. With death and financial problems plaguing the new owner, the park closed in the mid-90s.

Kejonuma Leisure Land, Japan

Kejonuma Leisure Land was home to all the typical amusement park rides, but it also housed something darker. Japanese legend says that a woman gave birth to a snake on the grounds. The snake-baby then escaped into the water, constantly crying for her mother and slowly driving her mad.

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Photo Courtesy: @marveldown/Twitter

The woman committed suicide by drowning herself in the lake. Some explorers say their cries can be heard when visiting the park grounds at night. Visitation remained high until 2000, and the park finally closed. All that remains are the legend and a ghostly amusement park town.

Joyland Amusement Park, USA

Joyland has been plagued with death and destruction ever since it opened in 1942. A series of ride-related deaths damaged the reputation of what was once the biggest amusement park in the Southwest. It continued to grow over the years, but the vicious murder of a park employee in 1982 paused the expansion.

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Photo Courtesy: @NegativeGcom/Twitter

Once the dust settled, the park was getting back to normal when another employee was hit by a roller coaster and killed, and a young patron died after falling off the Ferris wheel. These events brought on significant financial hardship for the park and led to its inevitable closure.

Rocky Point Amusement Park, USA

Generations of Rhode Islanders have precious memories of visiting Rocky Point Amusement Park. It opened in the 19th century and had more than 25 attractions, including the famous Shore Dinner Hall.

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Photo Courtesy: @marveldown/Twitter

Shortly after the opening of the park, a 5-year-old-girl was murdered by her father after they finished their meal at the dining hall. He took her to the edge of the water and bludgeoned her to death with a rock. The gruesome murder didn't mar the park's reputation, however, and it stayed open for more than 150 years. The park finally closed in 1995 due to financial issues.

Gulliver's Kingdom, Japan

This off-brand amusement park located at the bottom of Mount Fuji cost more than $350 million to build and boasted a huge statue of Gulliver, the character from the Jonathan Swift book that inspired the theme of the park. The main attraction was a bobsled ride, making this weird park even more terrifying for children (or at least their parents).

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Photo Courtesy: Global Faces/Flickr

The creepiest part, however, wasn't the giant-sized statue or even the lack of amusement park rides. It was the fact that it was built right next to Japan's Suicide Forest (Aokigahara Forest) and was also down the road from the headquarters of the doomsday cult Aum Shinrikyo. Double creepy.

Six Flags – New Orleans, USA

In 2002, Six Flags purchased the failing Jazzland Theme Park in New Orleans in an attempt to open another amusement destination in the U.S. The new park had six different areas for visitors to explore. The popular theme park closed for the season in 2005 because of the destruction caused by Hurricane Katrina.

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Photo Courtesy: Bloomberg/Getty Images

The park was flooded and didn't drain for more than a month, which ultimately led to its permanent closure. After a lengthy battle with the city — who insisted Six Flags honor its lease and reopen — the company decided to remove the rides that could be saved. What was left behind was a forlorn skeleton.

Land of Oz, USA

Even the Wonderful Wizard of Oz couldn't have saved Land of Oz from its inevitable failure. The park opened in the ‘70s, but shortly before the official launch, the owner lost his battle with cancer before things even got off the ground.

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Photo Courtesy: @marveldown/Twitter

The park was destined for closure after a mysterious fire destroyed Emerald City and some buildings that housed props from the original 1939 film. A decade after it opened, the doors closed until the ‘90s, when it was reopened as a cabin rental hot-spot. Many of the park's rides and attractions are still on the site today.

Dunaujvarosi Vidampark, Hungary

The closure of Dunaujvarosi Vidampark was more political than anything else. After it was opened by communists in 1953, the park became a vibrant hot-spot for free fun for the whole family. The demise of the park came at the same time as the collapse of the Soviet Union. In 1993, its doors shut for good.

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Photo Courtesy: @marveldown/Twitter

All that's left at the site are the ruins of days gone by and the ghosts of memories left behind. The eerie untouched rides and attractions are overgrown with plant life, serving as a perfect example of urban decay and childhood memories lost.

Western Village, Japan

The Western Village was an ode to all things Wild West America. The weird thing, though, was that it was located in the heart of Japan, about 70 miles north of Tokyo. The weirdly-specific theme park opened in 1970 with attractions like a haunted house, a Wild West Show and a scaled-down Mount Rushmore.

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Photo Courtesy: AbandonedKansaiVideo/YouTube

After its closure in 2007 due to some much-needed maintenance that was never completed, the remnants of the park remained. Visitors of the park today can find decaying pictures of the old Wild West and even some creepy statues of Clint Eastwood and John Wayne.

Expoland, Japan

Expoland wasn't ever meant to enjoy a long-lasting life. It was supposed to be an add-on for Expo '70 and nothing else, but after the popularity of the park skyrocketed, the owners reopened in a more permanent way. The park had tons of attractions and rides, including roller coasters, a water park and a Ferris wheel.

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Photo Courtesy: AbandonedKansaiVideo/YouTube

In May 2007, the Fujin Raijin II roller coaster came off the tracks, killing one woman and injuring more than 70 others. After that tragedy, the park was never the same, and attendance became so abysmal that they closed up shop in December of that same year.

Loudoun Castle Theme Park, Scotland

The Loudoun Castle Theme Park was built around the ruins. What was left of the area surrounding Loudoun Castle became part of the quaint theme park, giving it an eerie sense of urban decay, even while people still rode the roller coasters and ate the cotton candy. The park was left abandoned after the owner couldn't keep up with financial payments.

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Photo Courtesy: Stuart Mccallay/Flickr

Today, many of the rides and attractions still stand on the site, completely abandoned and taken over by the natural surroundings. It now blends in with the ruins it was built upon, upping the creepy factor ever so slightly.

Luna Park (formerly known as Astroland), USA

Coney Island is the hot spot in Brooklyn for all things fun and fair. Astroland used to be a part of that, but in 2008, it closed, and the remaining area was sold and turned into a new theme park called Luna. The remnants of certain rides still remain in the park, against better judgement and failing mechanics.

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Photo Courtesy: Janelle from New York/Wikipedia Commons

The attractions that were left had to be permanently closed because of safety precautions. The park itself is still a creepy shadow of what it used to be. Modern filmmakers have used it in movies like 2003's Uptown Girls and 1979's The Warriors.

Chippewa Lake Park, USA

This century-old park opened in 1878 and was a popular attraction for generations of families. It ended up closing its doors in 1978 due to poor attendance. After it closed, several buildings and structures were destroyed or damaged in fires.

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Photo Courtesy: @marveldown/Twitter

Because of the haunting relics of amusement park history left behind, horror films often use the derelict conditions to create backdrops for their scary stories, such as the 2008 film Closed for the Season. Demolition of the area was ordered in 2008 but hasn't been completed. The Ferris Wheel, the Little Dipper and some remnants of the burned structures still remain.

Takakanonuma Greenland, Japan ... Part 1

The Takakanonuma Greenland Park is so shrouded in mystery that some believe the park itself never existed. It was real and opened in 1973. Shortly after, ride-related deaths occurred, and locals thought the park was cursed. Almost two years after its opening, the park closed to investigate the number of ride-related deaths. A lengthy 10 years later, it was determined the park staff were to blame.

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Photo Courtesy: @marveldown/Twitter

The Japanese government closed the park 12 years after it opened, denying access to anyone who wants to visit it. The only known records of the park's location are coordinates that can be found online.

Takakanonuma Greenland, Japan ... Part 2

In 2007, an urban explorer by the name of Bill Edwards found the park and uploaded a picture to prove it. Some people claimed to spot a young girl wearing all white in the picture, but that's just another myth. The validity of his creepy find couldn't be further investigated because Edwards himself seemed to vanish shortly after his picture surfaced.

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Photo Courtesy: @marveldown/Twitter

The photo was scrutinized and found to be an undoctored photo proving the park's existence, but it still wasn't enough. The myth of Takakanonuma is now all that's left unless a brave explorer manages to find it again — and prove it.

Umoja Children’s Park, Zanzibar

The mystery behind Umoja Children's Park has gone unsolved for years. The history of when it opened or closed is nowhere to be found online, and all that remains are the remnants of a carnival-like amusement park. It could have been a wondrous place, but no one really knows for sure what happened there.

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Photo Courtesy: u/eulenauge/Reddit

The eerie photographs that circulate online show a park in disarray, with a run-down Ferris wheel, a merry-go-round taken over nature and a rusted-over children's train. The details of the park exist now only in the macabre scenery that is Umoja Children's Park.