Is an Airbnb Rental the Perfect COVID-19-Safe Getaway This Summer?

Photo Courtesy: Oscar Wong/Getty Images

It's no secret that the ever-growing number of Airbnb properties around the world has changed the way people travel. In fact, on any given night, over two million people across the world stay in one of the platform's verified properties. Of course, that was pre-COVID-19 pandemic. We've already discussed quite a bit how much the pandemic impacted the travel industry, from forcing us to rethink air travel and encouraging us to embark on virtual vacations

This summer, with the height of the COVID-19 pandemic seemingly in our rearview mirrors and the vaccine rollout well underway in the United States, we've taken a look at how summer 2021 travel has been reshaped. The emerging trends? Many vacationers are foregoing international travel and, instead, choosing to visit hidden gems in the U.S. Of course, no matter where you go, safe accommodations are a must — which brings us back to Airbnb. 

The company has introduced strict guidelines when it comes to cleanliness protocols, and, unlike hotels, many Airbnb spaces offer completely private accommodations, meaning you won't have to share common spaces or amenities. But how do Airbnb's safety standards compare to those set by hotel chains? We're taking a look at everything you need to know about staying in an Airbnb this summer — and if it's really the perfect getaway option for holidaying in 2021.