This Is How to Safely Enjoy a Road Trip During the Pandemic

Photo Courtesy: sanjeri/E+/Getty Images

Since March, the COVID-19 outbreak has disrupted the travel industry, causing many vacationers to cancel or postpone previously planned trips. Traveling during the pandemic is difficult as the virus can easily spread. However, the travel itch is getting to be too much for many of us to bear at this point. If you feel like your daily outdoor walks aren’t cutting it anymore, you’re not alone. Just like Belle at the beginning of Beauty and the Beast, I want adventure in the great wide somewhere.

Good news: You can finally stop ugly-crying from missing travel so much. Health experts agree that driving has the upper hand in travel. "When you drive, you have much greater control of your own environment and the people around you, and so I would think it's safer to drive in the present time," Dr. William Schaffner told CNN. People across the country (including myself) have been hitting the road to escape their chambers to find a little excitement. Whether you’re rolling in an RV or a car, you can travel safely on the road by planning and researching your stops and your path ahead of time and following these important tips.