Will You Be Able to Grab a COVID-19 Passport for Your Upcoming Vacation?

Photo Courtesy: [Bloomberg/Getty Images]

With vaccines bolstering the hope of a return to pre-pandemic circumstances — or a “new normal” in which we’re more easily able to move about the world — tourist destinations like Cyprus and Seychelles have lifted previous lockdowns on tourism. Other popular destinations, such as Japan and the European Union, are implementing vaccine passport systems that certify travelers have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

Vaccine passports have become somewhat of a divisive issue that has people wondering whether these documents will hasten our return to normal or create future problems. And, now that several countries have begun implementing passports in a variety of different forms, many tourists are wondering if these documents could bring back the possibility of international summer vacations — or if the “wide variation in policies and implementation” stands to complicate the prospect of travel even further. Here’s everything we know so far about vaccine passports.