Can't Find an Airbnb? Try "Glamping" This Summer

Photo Courtesy: Kaylyn Leighton/Firelight Camps

As certain COVID-19 pandemic restrictions surrounding travel ease up a bit, many people are ready to get back out on the open road, especially since international travel is still off the table for most folks. Of course, everyone has the itch to travel after a year of sheltering-in-pace, which has led to some issues, from canceled flights and overbooked hotels to Airbnbs being listed with astronomical rental fees

 Want to avoid all of the trouble? Well, we'll give you the scoop on what's going on with Airbnb — and, if you're interested in traveling to some stateside gems, we've got a few Airbnb alternatives for you. Namely? "Glamping." A few years ago this trend, which combines "camping" with "glamor," was all the rage. 

Now, glamping is coming back in vogue with new glampsites cropping up all over the country. These outdoorsy stays set themselves apart from places you'd normally just pitch a tent thanks to their hotel-level amenities. Sound enticing? We'll give you all the glamping tips and tricks you need when it comes to trying out this Airbnb alternative this summer.