21 Epic Audiobooks That Are Perfect for Road Tripping

Photo Courtesy: Arnold Media/Getty Images

Whether you’re planning the most epic cross-country summer trip or you’re easing back into daily commuting as the world reopens, you might be searching for something to help you fend off on-the-road monotony as you make your way to your destination. One enjoyably easy way to banish boredom? Adding some audible intrigue to your ride with an audiobook — the perfect antidote to tedium and an equally great opportunity to stay entertained.

To get you started, we've created a list of epic audiobooks that are suitable for different listening levels and interests. You’ll find sections separated by themes, including comedy, kid-focused, history and others. We’ve also included the length of each — along with a very short summary to make sure you don’t encounter any spoilers before the big listen. Now, get ready to start building your digital library before you hit the road!