Ask Getaway: Plan the Perfect Trip to Rio de Janeiro

Photo Courtesy: João Pedro Vergara/Unsplash

Despite increased vaccination efforts, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has grounded most folks' international travel plans this summer. For now, the safest (and smartest) way to visit faraway escapes might still be via your phone or computer screen, but, on the other hand, there's no harm in doing a bit of planning for the near future. 

So, what locale should you start daydreaming about? We have a top-notch suggestion: Rio de Janeiro. Brazil’s buzzing metropolis is a mix of cultures — including Portuguese, African, European and South American — and, in non-pandemic years, more than 2 million people visit Rio annually to enjoy its famous beaches and rich nightlife. 

Although travel is complicated right now, we can still embark on virtual adventures — and start planning those soon-to-be-realized IRL trips. So, come with us to Rio as we take a look at need-to-know booking info to must-see attractions and all the content you should delve into pre-trip. 

Editor's Note: For information on the latest pandemic-related travel requirements and advisories, be sure to check the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and World Health Organization (WHO) websites, as well as airline and destination requirements regarding mask wearing, quarantine, and COVID-19 testing.