Virtual Vacation: Visit Scenic Wellington, New Zealand

Photo Courtesy: Matteo Colombo/Getty Images

Ready for an adventure that appeals to your creative side? Wellington, New Zealand, is an eclectic, creative destination that's full of history, art, indigenous Maori culture, fine dining and friendly residents. With such an abundance of amazing things to offer, this capital city is a microcosm of everything there is to love about the country as a whole.

Our Virtual Vacations series offers you the chance to immerse yourself in Wellington from the comfort of your living room. If you’re one of the many people continuing to stay close to home due to ongoing coronavirus concerns, then you may be looking for ways to connect online, and this segment of the series shows you some of what the city has to offer. To enhance the experience, we'll suggest ways to bring the country into your home through food, music and the arts. The result will get you as close as possible (for now) to this fresh and unique part of the world. Let's explore Wellington, New Zealand, together!