Virtual Vacation: Explore the Ancient Beauty of Athens, Greece

Photo Courtesy: Sven Hansche/EyeEm/Getty Images

As the capital city of Greece, Athens has intrigued tourists around the world for centuries with its plethora of cultural landmarks, some of which date back to the fifth century BCE. Sadly, tourism in Greece dropped steeply due to the continuing worldwide struggle with the COVID-19 pandemic, and that hasn't been great news for this already struggling country.

Although Greece has been praised for its handling of the pandemic, at this point it’s difficult to say when international travel will be able to resume fully — and safely. However, for tourists, the internet has once again come to the rescue with a safe, virtual option for those who want to take in the beauty of Athens. Gather your family and get ready to set off on an amazing virtual tour to check out the sights, sounds and culture of one of the most beautiful — and most ancient — cities in the world.