7 Classic TV Show Episodes to Stream for Thanksgiving

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Like the rest of 2020, Thanksgiving will be different for many families this year. Some will be hosting small get-togethers, while others plan to skip Thanksgiving dinner with the family and stay home. No matter how you’re spending the holiday, you can always celebrate Thanksgiving with your favorite TV families and friends. A classic Thanksgiving episode is just as good as your grandma’s pie, so it’s worth stuffing your face with more than one episode.

To get you in the holiday spirit, we put together a list of special Thanksgiving-themed episodes, ranging from quality time with Friends to out-of-this-world history lessons in South Park. A marathon of these episodes will leave you feeling like you’re home with the family.

Friends — The One With All the Thanksgivings — Season 5, Episode 8

Friends has many episodes in honor of Thanksgiving, but this one is the best because it’ll make you burst into laughter the whole time. It’s a good idea to stuff your face before or after watching this holiday special so your food doesn’t fly across the room.

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The gang spends the day reflecting on past Thanksgiving fails that go far beyond a burnt turkey. If your family usually takes a trip down memory lane on Thanksgiving, this flashback episode will really hit home. Best of all, you can crack up about the characters wearing turkeys on their heads.

The Simpsons — Bart vs. Thanksgiving — Season 2, Episode 7

When is Bart not in trouble? This time, our favorite bad boy argues with his sister, Lisa, while the rest of the family watches on in distress. Food spills all over the table, and Lisa’s handcrafted cornucopia gets gobbled up by a fire. Poor Lisa.

Photo Courtesy: 20th Century Fox Television/IMDb

This episode hits all the notes: a family fight, a crying child, a big mess and a Thanksgiving dinner that never starts on time. Whether you have a mischievous sibling or another famous troublemaker in the family, this special will give you a taste of a Thanksgiving at home.

The Office — WUPHF.com — Season 7, Episode 9

In many episodes of The Office, the characters Michael and Dwight tend to misbehave and make things awkward while their co-worker Ryan will do anything for success. The result? Comedy gold! This Thanksgiving special is no exception in showing how wild these boys are, and it provides a joyful way to bring yourself into the holiday spirit.

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In the episode, Dwight throws a wild hay festival to shamelessly crown himself as Hay King. Meanwhile, Michael unknowingly helps Ryan scam his co-workers out of money. This brilliant episode is as exciting as hearing the food is ready on Thanksgiving. It’s also a reminder that there’s no escape from awkward holiday celebrations, even with colleagues.

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Special

Thanksgiving wouldn’t be complete without watching the adventures of Charlie Brown and his friends, and cartoon lovers are sure to appreciate this holiday treat. In the special, Peppermint Patty visits Charlie’s home for a turkey-day dinner, but the situation doesn’t go as she expected.

Photo Courtesy: Lee Mendelson Film Productions/IMDb

Instead of a typical Thanksgiving with creamy mashed potatoes or sweet pumpkin pie, “Chuck” serves slices of toast, jellybeans and pretzels. Doesn’t that sound funny? Well, Patty doesn’t think so and roasts Chuck for his non-traditional feast. But she soon learns about the true meaning of the holiday — and so will you.

Seinfeld — The Mom and Pop Store — Season 6, Episode 8

If you’re missing a big Thanksgiving celebration, catch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade on Seinfeld. Instead of baking pies or meal-prepping at home, the group is all over New York City dealing with their own problems.

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The goofy episode combines the famous parade with Kramer giving away Jerry’s shoes, Jerry party-crashing, Elaine trying to win a contest for her boss and George buying a car that an actor supposedly owned once. This special is sure to please fans who enjoy bustling cities and the exciting lives of their residents.

Master of None — Thanksgiving — Season 2, Episode 8

Let’s be grateful for this history-making episode that celebrates Black queerness and family. The holiday special will hit you right in the feels as it flashes back to Denise (Lena Waithe) struggling with her sexuality and her relationship with her mother over countless Thanksgivings.

Photo Courtesy: Netflix/IMDb

Waithe co-wrote the entertaining episode with Aziz Ansari, the show’s creator and star. It was so beautifully written and thoughtfully put together that the two writers snagged an Emmy in 2017, and Waithe became the first Black woman to win that comedy writing award. Bring out the tissues while you watch this festive treat — it’s a tearjerker.

South Park — A History Channel Thanksgiving — Season 15, Episode 13

South Park knows how to make any situation into a laughing matter, including the history of Thanksgiving. In true South Park fashion, the boys watch an odd show on the History Channel about aliens discovering the holiday.

Photo Courtesy: Comedy Central/IMDb

In real life, the History Channel has countless programs about aliens, so it’s no surprise that South Park cooked up a clever play on Thanksgiving and extraterrestrials. On top of the strange history show, the day goes horribly wrong with “stuffing mines,” terrorizing pilgrims and shocking appearances by Natalie Portman. It’s so funny, it hurts.