A Detailed Breakdown of the Ravinia Pavilion Seating Map: What to Expect

If you’re planning a visit to the Ravinia Pavilion, one of the most popular outdoor music venues in the United States, it’s essential to familiarize yourself with its seating map. Understanding the layout and various sections of the pavilion will ensure that you have a memorable and enjoyable experience. In this article, we’ll provide a detailed breakdown of the Ravinia Pavilion seating map, giving you an idea of what to expect when attending a concert or event at this iconic venue.

The Reserved Seating Area

The Reserved Seating Area is situated directly in front of the stage and offers an up-close and personal experience with your favorite artists. This section consists of multiple rows of seats that are numbered from 1 to 15, starting from the front row. The seating arrangement follows a traditional amphitheater style, with each row slightly elevated above the previous one for better visibility.

Within the Reserved Seating Area, there are two subsections: Center Section and Side Sections. The Center Section provides an optimal view of the stage, while Side Sections offer a slightly angled perspective but still maintain excellent sightlines. Keep in mind that tickets for these seats tend to sell out quickly due to their prime location, so it’s advisable to book in advance if you prefer this area.

The Lawn Area

The Lawn Area is located behind the Reserved Seating Area and offers a more casual and relaxed atmosphere for concertgoers. This section is open for general admission, allowing visitors to bring their own blankets or lawn chairs for seating comfort. The Lawn Area is spacious enough to accommodate large crowds, ensuring that everyone has ample space to enjoy performances under the stars.

Although there is no assigned seating in this area, it’s important to arrive early if you want to secure a prime spot close to the stage or within your preferred viewing distance. The Lawn Area offers a unique experience, as it allows you to socialize with fellow concertgoers and enjoy a picnic-style setting while listening to live music.

Pavilion Boxes

The Pavilion Boxes are situated on the sides of the Reserved Seating Area and provide an exclusive seating option for groups or individuals looking for a more private setting. These boxes offer a prime view of the stage and come with comfortable seating arrangements, allowing you to enjoy the concert in style and luxury.

The Pavilion Boxes can accommodate varying group sizes, ranging from four to ten people. Each box is equipped with its own table, ensuring convenience for food and drink placement. Additionally, box ticketholders have access to dedicated waitstaff who can assist with food and beverage orders throughout the event.

Accessibility Seating

Ravinia Pavilion is committed to providing accessible seating options for individuals with disabilities or limited mobility. The venue offers designated accessible seating areas that comply with ADA guidelines, ensuring equal access to all patrons.

These accessibility seating areas are strategically located throughout the pavilion, allowing individuals with disabilities or those using wheelchairs easy entry and exit points. It’s important to note that these seats are limited in number, so it’s advisable to contact Ravinia’s ticket office well in advance to secure these accommodations.

In conclusion, understanding the Ravinia Pavilion seating map is crucial when planning your visit. Whether you prefer an up-close experience in the Reserved Seating Area or a more laid-back atmosphere on the lawn, there are various options available at this iconic music venue. Remember to book your tickets early if you have specific preferences or require accessibility accommodations for an unforgettable experience at Ravinia Pavilion.

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