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Aug 11, 2017 ... ... Engineering Alok Sinha recently authored his third book, titled “Vibration of Nearly Periodic Structures and Mistuned Bladed Rotors.”


Jun 3, 2011 ... any blade in a mistuned rotor to the peak response amplitude of the .... nearly periodic structure may invalidate the results of a tuned analysis.


Jan 22, 2016 ... interest for the design of bladed disks, in terms of vibration mitigation and robustness. Keywords: nonlinear modes, mistuning, friction, bladed disk. 1. ... In the present paper, the dynamics of periodic structures undergoing dry friction .... For instance, for a given rotor, the upstream stator stage generates.


RPS is found in almost all industries and could be ... On vibratory response in rotationally periodic structures, effects on structural designs and free vibrations of integrated bladed rotor (IBR) have been investigated in this research. The .... 6.3. 3 Mistuning Effects on Replica Modes ... Graphical hierarchy of Thesis organization.


TURBINE engine rotors, or bladed disks, are rich dynamical systems that are ... periodic or cyclic structures, and vibration of mistuned bladed disks in turbine engines. ..... broke down near veerings of disk- and blade-dominated modes and.