Aug 9, 2018 ... Vibration of Nearly Periodic Structures and Mistuned Bladed Rotors. SinhaA. ... See also AIAA Rights and Permissions

Jan 1, 2017 ... This is the first comprehensive volume on nearly periodic structures and mistuned blade vibration. Alok Sinha presents fundamental concepts ...

The paper deals with the vibration suppression of a bladed disk structure with a piezoelectric network. ... .... of intentional blade mistuning for the forced response of turbomachinery rotors. ... Vibration delocalization of nearly periodic structures using coupled piezoelectric networks.

Aug 11, 2017 ... ... Engineering Alok Sinha recently authored his third book, titled “Vibration of Nearly Periodic Structures and Mistuned Bladed Rotors.”

Jun 3, 2011 ... any blade in a mistuned rotor to the peak response amplitude of the .... nearly periodic structure may invalidate the results of a tuned analysis.