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Sep 29, 2017 ... You can edit the default spam filter policy to configure your ... On the Allow Lists page, you can specify entries, such as senders or domains, that ...


Jun 18, 2015 ... Very soon, if not already, you will see two new entries in your Spam Filter in Exchange Online Protection, Allow Lists & Block Lists.


Aug 7, 2015 ... Another option would be create an Exchange transport rule that works like the domain or user-based allow list in the spam filter. You can block ...


You can use a safe sender list or a mail flow rule to bypass spam filtering and prevent ... Prevent false positive email by using the connection filter's IP allow list.


When you use connection filtering, Office 365 checks the reputation of the sender before allowing a message to get through. You can create an allow list, or safe ...


Tips to set up the Office 365 spam filter to help block email spam and prevent false ... or allow, and then adding the address to the Blocked senders list, as shown ...


Use the Block or Allow settings in Outlook Web App to help control unwanted and unsolicited ... Select this option if you want to turn off junk email filtering. ... Warning: If you select this option, mail detected as spam by Exchange Online Protection ... Add senders you trust and recipients that you don't want to block to this list.


Nov 4, 2013 ... Click the “+” and select “Bypass spam filtering” from the resulting ... name “Spam Whitelist” since I envision using this list to allow delivery from ...


You can create an approved sender list (based on email or an entire domain) to bypass any spam filters. This setting only applies to incoming messages.