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Pumbedita Academy was a yeshiva in Babylon during the era of the Amoraim and Geonim .... Joseph ben R. Abba (R. Rabbi, Ravrevay) - 839-841; Paltoi ben R. Abaye - 841-858; Aha Kahana ben Mar Rav (ha-Kohen) - in .... Categories:.


The Talmudic Academies in Babylonia, also known as the Geonic Academies, were the center ... In the period before Hadrian, Rabbi Akiva, on his arrival at Nehardea on a ... The school at Pumbedita recognized the preeminence of that of Sura; and this leadership was firmly retained for several centuries. .... Categories: .


Pumbedita literally meaning in Aramaic: "The Mouth of the River," was the name of a city in ancient Babylonia close to the modern-day city of Fallujah, in Anbar Province. The city had a large Jewish population and was famed for its Talmudic academy scholarship that, ... Categories: Talmud places · Babylonia · Jewish ...


There were attempts to make Babylonian rabbinic courts independent of Israel's as early ... the scholar Judah bar Ezekiel began a new academy at Pumbedita.


Rabbah bar Nachmani (Hebrew: רבה בר נחמני ) (c. 270 – c. 330) was a Jewish Talmudist known as an amora, who lived in Babylonia, and is known throughout the Talmud simply as Rabbah. Rabbah was born into a priestly family, and studied at both the academies in Sura and Pumbedita. ... The academy achieved its height under his leadership and he attracted ...


and that of Pumbedita which emphasizes that "the rabbis of Pumbedita are the ... First and foremost, the gaon was the head of the academy, teaching privately ...


This is the text of Rabbi Hayya's words, from the volume 'The scholars of ... Rav Haya ben Sherira served as the head of Pumbedita academy in Bagdad at the ...


Rafram (II) was a Jewish Amora sage of Babylon of the seventh generation of the Amora era. He was a disciple of Rav Ashi, and a colleague of Ravina II. He headed the Pumbedita academy for ten years until his death on 443. ... Rabbinical eras. Chazal · Zugot · Tannaim · Amoraim ... Categories: Talmud rabbis of Babylonia ...


The scholars (Rabbis) who participated in the Talmud are referred to as "Amora' im" [singular: "Amora"], from an Aramaic word ... He headed the academy at Pumbedita; Rava [bar Joseph bar Hama], died 352. .... Included in this category are:.