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Claudiopolis is the name of a number of Ancient cities named after a Roman emperor Claudius or another person bearing that name notably : in Turkey.


Claudiopolis (Greek: Κλαυδιόπολις) also called Ninica and Ninica Claudiopolis, was an ancient city of Cilicia. Ammianus mentions Silifke and Claudiopolis as ...


Claudiopolis was an ancient city of Cataonia mentioned by Ptolemy (v. 7).Its name suggests that it was named for the Roman emperor Claudius. References[ edit].


Strabo (XII, 4, 7) mentions a town, Bithynium (Claudiopolis), celebrated for its pastures and cheese. According to Pausanias (VIII, 9) it was founded by Arcadians ...


Claudiopolis was an ancient city of Cappadocia mentioned by Pliny (v. 24). From its name one can adduce that it was named for Roman emperor Claudius.


Claudiopolis (Ninica or Ninica Claudiopolis, modern day Mut) was an important Cilician transit ... Browse the Ninica-Claudiopolis page with thumbnail images.


Aug 24, 2011 ... When the persecutors of Christians learned that he believed in Christ, they arrested him and took him to the city of Claudiopolis to the governor, ...


Claudiopolis was an ancient city of Galatia mentioned by Ptolemy (v. 4) as belonging to the Trocmi. It sat on the Halys river, northwest of Carissa; but its site has ...


The old name is perhaps Kardabounda; under Claudius it became a Roman colony, Colonia Julia Augusta Felix Ninica Claudiopolis. None of its coins are ...