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Libya (Old Persian: 𐎱𐎢𐎫𐎠𐎹 Putāya) was a satrapy of the Achaemenid Empire according to King Darius I of Persia Naqshe Rustam and King Xerxes I of Persia'  ...


Satraps were the governors of the provinces of the ancient Median and Achaemenid Empires and in several of their successors, such as in the Sasanian Empire ...


Maka was a satrapy (province) of the Achaemenid Empire and later a satrapy of the Parthian and Sassanian empires (known as Mazun), corresponding to ...


Libya. Herodotus, Tribute List, District VI/b: Libya, Cyrene, Barca. Darius, Naqš-e Rustam, Libya. Xerxes, Daiva Inscription, Libya.


Cappadocia (from Old Persian Katpatuka) was a satrapy (province) of the Achaemenid Empire ... Gedrosia · Hyrcania · Ionia · Hindush · Libya · Maka · Margiana · Media; Lesser Media; Massagetae · Parthia · Persia · Phoenicia · Phrygia.


Aug 15, 2006 ... ACHAEMENID SATRAPIES, the administrative units of the ..... and the attack on Egypt was followed by campaigns against Libya and Nubia.


Sep 3, 2017 ... A satrap was a provincial governor during ancient Persian imperial ... the borders of India in the east to Yemen in the south, and west to Libya.


I think that the army was sent to conquer Libya. Herodotus, Histories IV, 167. Darius I was not pleased with the outcome of this expensive expedition and having ...


Aug 9, 2016 ... Central Main Satrapy Mudrāya/Egypt. #6; 5.2. Main Satrapy Putāyā/Libya. 5.3. Main Satrapy Kūšiyā/Nubia. 5.4. Main Satrapy Arabāya/Arabia.