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The Canon de 65 M modele 1906 where M stands for "montagne", or briefly 65 mm Mle 1906 ... use these as 6,5 cm GebK 221(f). The gun was also used by Albania, Greece, Israel (1948 Arab-Israeli War, as Napoleonchik) and Poland.

Feb 6, 2012 ... The Famous French 65mm Mountain Gun "Napolionchik" ( Tiny Napoleon) that helped defeat (without Aiming Sights) the Syrian Army near the ...


They were 65-mm French mountain guns mle. 1906. Those got a nickname "little Napoleon", or Napoleonchik with the Israelis. napoleonchik.


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Nov 26, 2008 ... ... of the area in the map, but they were beaten off by Golani brigade troops who by now had 2 65 mm "Napoleonchik" French artillery pieces.


29 окт 2017 ... Украинский журналист Анатолий Шарий в своем видеоблоге прокомментировал заявление российского оппозиционера Алексея ...


Jun 19, 2013 ... ... with an extensive weapons collection of guns, rifles, tanks and motorized artillery, including the “Davidka”cannon and “Napoleonchik.


Irina Kacharava. Irina Kacharava-Napoleonchik. Moscow RussiaArt Dolls Childhood. Irina Kacharava-Napoleonchik. Irina Kacharava · SparrowArt ...


16 май 2016 ... Если бы кто-то решил провести сравнение между французским императором Наполеоном и балаковцем Дмитрием Ивановым, ...