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The term obelion is applied to that point of the sagittal suture which is on a level with the parietal foramina. References[edit]. This article incorporates text in the ...


Medical definition of obelion: a point on the sagittal suture that lies between two small openings through the superior dorsal aspect of the parietal…


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The obelion refers to the skull landmark along the sagittal suture intersected by an imaginary line connecting the two parietal foramina, where both are present.


Define obelion. obelion synonyms, obelion pronunciation, obelion translation, English dictionary definition of obelion. n anthropol anatomy an area of the skull ...


Obelion / オベリオン (MHFU). 1stGen and 2ndGen-Great Sword Render 030, Attack, 816, Buying Cost, Upgrade Cost. Attribute, Dragon, 180, N/A, 50000z.


A number of anatomic bony variants and several congenital anomalies are known to occur at the level of the obelion, that is, in the posterior interparietal region ...


obelion: A craniometric point on the sagittal suture between the parietal foramina near the lambdoid suture.