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In physics, the no-deleting theorem of quantum information theory is a no-go theorem which states that, in general, given two copies of some arbitrary quantum ...


and approximate quantum deleting of unknown states. We prove that unitarity does not ... prove a no-deletion theorem for non-orthogonal states us- ing unitarity.


Mar 7, 2011 ... “In quantum information science, two fundamental theorems have been the no- cloning and the no-deleting theorems,” Pati told PhysOrg.com.


No-Deleting Theorem: We cannot delete an unknown quantum state against a copy. (Pati-Braunstein, Nature 2000). |ψ〉|ψ〉→|ψ〉|0〉. • No-Partial Erasure ...


Nov 25, 2000 ... In a recent scientific correspondence1. Bhagwat et al. fielded baseless argu- ments that the quantum-no-deleting principle2 is untenable.


Apr 5, 2015 ... The no-deletion theorem in quantum information theory states given two copies of some arbitrary quantum state, it is impossible to delete one of ...


Jan 10, 2016 ... The delayed choice quantum eraser doesn't delete a qubit, it measures an entangled qubit along a parallel axis or else along a perpendicular ...

May 13, 2015 ... Project Name:Quantum and Nano Computing Virtual centre Project Investigator: Dr. Vishal Sahni (DEI)


ever, the quantum 'no-cloning theorem', due to Wooters and Zurek [6], and ... namely a proposition that can be termed as a quantum 'no-deleting theorem' [1].