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Affidavits in County of Lancaster Act 1743 c. 7; Bedford and Hertford Roads Act 1743 c. 42; Beer Duties, Borrowstoness Act 1743 c. 21; Buckingham to Warmington Road Act 1743 c. 43; Church of Scotland, etc. Act 1743 c. 11; Coals Act 1743 c. 35; Derby Roads Act 1743 c. 20; Duties, etc. Act 1743 c.


15; Recruiting Act 1743 c. 26; River Dee, Navigation. Act 1743 c. 28; Shoreditch Road Act 1743 c. 41; Supply, etc. Act 1743 c. 17; Supply, etc. Act 1743 c. 33; Taxation Act 1743 c. 1; Taxation Act 1743 c. 2; Treason Act 1743 c. 39; Universities (Wine Licences) Act 1743 c. 40; Warwick Roads Act 1743 c.


Jan 27, 2015 ... The Byrd Act created the secondary system of state highways, placing it under the jurisdiction of the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT). Arlington, Henrico, Elizabeth City, and Warwick Counties elected to continue to maintain their own local roads. Of these counties, only Arlington and Henrico ...


Since the Byrd Road Act of 1932, the Virginia Department of Transportation ( VDOT) has been responsible for secondary road maintenance and construction in all of the state's counties except two (Arlington and Henrico). Such an arrangement is unusual among the 50 states. The rapid growth of many urban counties since ...


Sep 18, 2015 ... Shown Here: Introduced in House (09/17/2015). Safe Roads Act of 2015. This bill directs the Department of Transportation to prescribe minimum motor vehicle safety standards requiring commercial motor vehicles to be equipped with a forward collision avoidance and mitigation braking system. The term ...


The first turnpike Act was passed in 1663 to set up a turnpike road in. Wadesmill .... 17 Geo.2 c.10 (1743). The whole Act. (Oxford and Gloucester Roads Act). 19 Geo.2 c.18 (1745). The whole Act. (Gloucester Roads Act). 24 Geo.2 c.28 (1750) ...... turnpike road (Warwick) to Chipping Campden and Upton Old Lanes.