WikiProject article quality grading scheme ... featured article status by passing an in-depth examination by impartial reviewers from ...


Articles vary wildly in quality and comprehensiveness. .... sources to use in assessing the quality of a Wikipedia article is to look at the sources it cites. ... than what you just read, or even find an article on an unrelated meaning of the same word.


A hard way of measuring success is to count the number of articles in Wikipedia. ... Such a measurement gives no indication of the quality of content. ... One way to think about the Statistics page is to consider it a measure of ... assessment of success of the project will be directly tied to assessment of the reference work.


article filtering framework using decision tree algorithm. We propose new ... the knowledge concept of high and low quality articles. The ... Index Terms—Thai Wikipedia article, decision tree, feature set. ... Review [5] which is used to assess the quality of a Wiki article ..... update the quality in term of statistics and can be used.


Jul 25, 2010 ... creasing use of Wikipedia, the need for a reliable assessment of the quality of the ... model the evolution of content quality in Wikipedia articles in order to ..... A concept closely related to information trust is informa- tion quality.