The reliability of Wikipedia has frequently been questioned and often assessed. The reliability .... The non-peer-reviewed study was based on Nature's selection of 42 articles on scientific topics, including biographies of well-known scientists. ... full article, large sample size study favoring the quality-controlled format of ...


Oct 25, 2009 ... ABSTRACT. The main feature of the free online-encyclopedia Wikipedia is the wiki-tool, which allows viewers to edit the articles directly in the.


The high variance in quality between articles is a potential source of confusion that ... of this result for Wikipedia in particular, and quality assessment in general.


based approaches; and (iii) meta-data and article internal feature-based approaches. In addition to quality assessment of Wikipedia articles, there is some work ...


In this paper, we propose a method for assessing the quality ... submit good- quality articles, but many vandals attempt to damage ... Methods based on peer review is the major approach[12], ..... Wikipedia articles with lifecycle based metrics. In.