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This is an inline maintenance template for ambiguous statements that need attention ... policy pages (was previously deleted when a similarly named template was ... {{Which one}} for text which could refer to one of numerous people or items.


Lojban is a constructed, syntactically unambiguous human language, succeeding the Loglan ... The name "Lojban" is a compound formed from loj and ban, which are short forms of logji ... In order to circumvent such control, a group of people decided to initiate a ... The removal of grammatical ambiguity from modification [.


The following is a partial list of linguistic example sentences illustrating various linguistic ... Different types of ambiguity which are possible in language. ... Will (a person), will (future tense helping verb) Will (a second person) will (bequeath) [to]  ...


The politician was criticized for his ambiguous statements and lack of precision. Vague and unclear. He gave an ambiguous answer. (obsolete, of persons) ...


In general terms, a word is ambiguous if its intended meaning is in some way unclear to the reader. There are three main reasons why this can happen:.