Teamwork is the collaborative effort of a group to achieve a common goal or to complete a task ... Sports teams generally have fixed sizes based upon set rules, and work ... models that contain increasing amounts of teamwork first came about during World War I and World War II, in an effort for countries to unite their people .


Collaborative information seeking (CIS) is a field of research that involves studying situations, .... This influence can occur in real time if the collaborative search system supports it, or it ... Task-based collaboration corresponds to intentional collaboration; .... This kind of awareness includes providing information to each group ...


CAWS: A wiki system to improve workspace ... because awareness of individual and group activities is ... based system (CAWS), aims to improve workspace.


Does your team actively capture and build business knowledge? ... A computer- based wiki is a type of content management system that allows a community of .... that no conflicts develop between team members who edit one-another's work.


Tettra is a simple, integrated internal wiki for high performance teams that helps you ... Tettra is a knowledge management system for high-performance teams.